O-Town Derby Dames vs. Treasure Valley

Posted March 31, 2011 in

Photo: Chris Bojanower

The Treasure Valley Roller Girls of Boise, Idaho had a rough start bouting against the O- Town Derby Dames, scoring no points at all in the first four jams as the Derby Dames consistently collected points throughout the periods. During the fourth jam, Mondo Menace #98 and Mauly Mormon #10:01 blocked the jammer of Treasure Valley from scoring while also causing the majority of the members on this team to fall over simultaneously. The Treasure Valley girls took to this well, and began scoring points afterwards. They also responded similarly to other pitfalls throughout the rest of the bout. The first period continued with the jammers trading off possession of lead jam status between teams. Ogden’s success was reflected by the fact that they consistently scored in the jams that Treasure Valley had lead jam status in, and therefore control over. The Derby Dames only had five jams of the 20 in the first period where they didn’t score any points, while the Treasure Girls didn’t score in 11 out of 20. There were also at least four instances where Ogden scored some easy points because the pack was out of formation and the O-Town jammers were allowed to easily pass through. In two of these jams, 15 and 10 points were added to the Derby Dames’ increasing score. The Treasure Valley Girls also had another problem in the first period, No Name Dame #0000 was playing strong and the Valley Girls had absolutely no control over her. No Name Dame scored 49 of the 79 points in the first period while also blocking when she wasn’t jamming. The Treasure Valley Girls had a hard time scoring, but overall they did a good job blocking. In the first period, Gawd Dame Savage #567 was quick and agile enough to prevent O-Town jammers from getting through the pack in several different jams. Monkey Wench #916 and Fire Hazard #451 also made a great blocking team for Treasure Valley. When Carnage Kitten #13 came around the outside of the pack, Monkey Wench pushed Fire Hazard as hard as she could into Carnage, causing them to fly off the track. The first period ended with a 10-point score from No Name Dame with the help of Two Bit Betty #2134, who seemed to take out Treasure Valley’s entire team by herself.


Once again, Treasure Valley responded well to the success of the Derby Dames. Ogden scored in the first jam of the second period, but Treasure Valley prevented them from scoring for several jams after this. Unfortunately for Treasure Valley, they didn’t score anything, either. For the entire second period, O-Town was at least 50 points ahead of the Valley Girls. Treasure Valley did a better job of preventing O-Town from scoring in the second period. The Derby Dames had eight out of 19 jams with no score compared to five out of 20 in the first period. O-Town’s score for the second period was lower also, 79 versus 64. This period was definitely played harder by both teams. The pace was quicker and more of the girls were also getting penalties. This worked out well for Ogden’s team. Towards the end of the period, another pack violation allowed Carnage Kitten to easily score 10 points. In the following jam, there were only four people in the pack. This allowed No Name Dame to easily score another 10 points. After this, Treasure Valley didn’t score anymore. The bout ended with a score of 143 to 60 in favor of the O-Town Derby Dames. Although O-Town’s score ended up being more than double that of Treasure Valley’s, the girls from Boise did a great job improving as the bout progressed.


Photo: Chris Bojanower Photo: Chris Bojanower Photo: Chris Bojanower