Railway Banditas vs. Bomber Babes 08.28

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Photo: O'Durgy

The second bout of the Junction City Roller Dolls vs. Salt City Derby Girls double-header was between the Railway Banditas (JCRD) vs. Bomber Babes (SCDG). The Banditas instantly applied the pressure during the first jam with Colonel Skirts (#111) having a 20 point scoring run. The Babes scored zero. Sadly the Babes struggled throughout the whole game with scoring.  Railway Banditas made breaking out of the pack look easy, but Bomber Babes struggled with being the first ones out of the pack and gaining lead jammer status. The lead jammer decides when to call off the bout so this gives them a lot of control with the score. If they ever get behind the other team’s jammer they can just call off the jam before they score. BB never gave up though. They kept getting out on that rink and skating their hearts out. It wasn’t until the sixth jam that Bomber Babes finally got their first score. NOS was lead jammer and brought the score to 9 – 22. After that Railway Banditas consistently kept lead jammer status earning 13 out of the 21 jams the first half. The score at the half was Bomber Babes 34 – Railway Banditas 88. NOS scored 26 of Bomber Babes points. Colonel Skirts scored 59 for Railway Banditas. These star jammers would also excel in the second half.


The second half started off better for the Bomber Babes with NOS becoming lead jammer at the get go. She scored 4 points bringing the score to 38 – 88. The rest of the second half played out pretty close to the first, but with more power jams. A power jam is when one jammer gets a penalty so there is only one jammer out on the rink. This makes it a little easier for a jammer to score points since one jammer is serving time in the penalty box. Bomber Babes took advantage of this. By the end of the bout they had more than doubled their score but so had the Railway Banditas. The final tally – Bomber Babes 101 – Railway Banditas 195. More than half of each team’s points were scored by one player. Railway Banditas #111 Colonel Skirts scored over 100 points and Bomber Babes NOS scored 58. Another statistic that led to Bomber Babes letdown was Railway Banditas had lead jammer more than 60% of the time. All in all though, it was a very thrilling game to watch. JCRD will be on SCDG turf September 25 for a bout that’s sure to be just as legendary. Also a roller derby event of epic proportions is in the making. Don’t miss Utah’s first roller derby tournament Mountain Throwdown coming up Oct. 2. Check out mountainthrowdown.com for more info and in the meantime go out and support some local derby! The 2010 derby season is almost over.



Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy