SCDG: Bomber Babes vs. Leave it to Cleavers

Posted June 14, 2010 in

Photo by Ron Horton

Watching teams having fun while playing roller derby is joy to behold and it was obvious to the crowd at the Salt Palace on Saturday night that the Bomber Babes and Leave it to Cleavers enjoy playing each other. This was the second bout of the 2010 season for both home teams. 

It looked like it might be a close game early on, with both teams blocking effectively but it wasn’t too long before the Cleavers started racking up points. Jammers China White, Dirty Pirate Hooker and Muffin Splitter rotated through the Cleaver line up and were able to get lead jammer status the majority of the time in the first half. 

The Bombers' jammer lineup included MotoRedhead, NOS and Pushy Galore. The Cleavers seemed intent on denying former Cleaver MotoR the opportunity to get through the pack and score points, but they weren't entirely successful. As always, NOS displayed super human jamming ability, leaping out of the way of impending blocks and deftly maneuvering through the pack, sometimes on one foot.

Both China and NOS pulled double duty on Saturday night as they also played in the first bout of the double-header for the Shakers. But, the real story was the penalty trouble that the Bombers found themselves in during the first half. Many jams started with two Bombers sitting in the penalty box leaving the remaining two Bombers on the track to try to manage the Cleavers' blockers and jammer. By half-time the Cleavers led 95-29.

After the half, the Bombers switched up their strategy and pulled NOS from the jammer lineup and had her blocking in nearly every jam. The Bombers blocking was good all night long with Phatal Pheromone, Spank E Ham and Grand Slam Brakefast doling out the hits, but while the addition of NOS to the blocker line up caused the Cleaver jammers extra grief, it sacrificed NOS's much needed point scoring ability in the process.
The Cleavers played consistently well throughout the game, although on a few occasions the blockers waited a bit too long to get up to the front of the pack to break up a wall of Bomber blockers as the Cleaver jammer approached. Veronica Scars, Toole of Torture, Ivanna Roxafeller and Ally-get-er were particularly effective blockers for the Cleavers. Cleaver rookie Contessa Danger also made her jamming debut toward the end of the game.

Despite the half-time adjustments, the Bombers were unable to catch up, and the Cleavers defeated the Bombers 133-67. With the Bombers and Sisters each having two losses this season, the Cleavers earned themselves their third consecutive trip to the Championship bout where they will play the Death Dealers in October. You'll get to preview that match up at the next double-header on July 10 when the Cleavers play the Dealers and the Shakers take on the Arizona Roller Dolls of Phoenix, Arizona. Visit for information on getting tickets.

Photo by Ron Horton