SCDG: Salt City Shakers vs. FoCO Micro Bruisers

Posted June 16, 2010 in

 The Micro Bruisers from Fort Collins, Colorado visited Salt Lake City to skate against two of the leagues in the valley, the first of which were the Salt City Shakers on Saturday night followed by Wasatch Roller Derby on Sunday morning. These ladies had to have slept well on the bus ride home because the two Salt Lake leagues challenged their roller derby skills. The Micro Bruisers fought for their points and played well, but they were no match for the local gals.

The Salt City Shakers alternated between NOS #505 and China White #138 during the beginning of the first half of their bout against the Micro Bruisers. These two ladies scored almost fifty points in the first quarter of the bout alone, while the Micro Bruisers sat at less than 15 points. The Shaker jammers consistently obtained lead jammer status up until then, but met some opposition by the three main jammers of the Micro Bruisers: Iggy Cocks #999, Aimee ArmaLite #15, and Finkzilla #51. The points scored by these ladies doubled what the Bruisers had in the first quarter and they made up a third of the points of the ending score. It’s too bad for them that the jammers of the Shakers scored between 10 and 15 points in four of the jams in the first half.  This put the Shakers ahead almost 50 points when the first thirty minutes were over.

The Micro Bruisers may not have scored that many points, but they were consistent throughout the bout. They actually scored exactly 39 points in both halves and also seemed to prevent the Shakers from scoring as much. The Shakers scored significantly less in the second part of the bout, over a quarter less in fact. One major mistake that the Bruisers made was letting the Shakers score when they had lead jam status. In five jams this happened and only in two of these did the Bruisers actually score any points themselves.  The Shakers played well, but also made a couple mistakes. The Bruisers scored 42 of their points in the same jams that the Shakers’ jammers were in the penalty box. That’s over half of their total points. NOS #505 scored 94 of the Shakers’ points alone. It’s an amazing accomplishment, but if she had scored an average amount of points as other jammers the Shaker’s score would be significantly smaller.

Regardless of mistakes, the bout was played well by both teams. The Micro Bruisers did their best to slow down the Salt City Shakers and improved their game in the second half. They just couldn’t slow down the Shakers enough to even the score out. The bout ended with a score of 152 to 78 in favor of the Shakers and the defeated Micro Bruisers had to wake up and do it all over again the next morning against a different league.