SCDG/JCDG Double Header on 09.25

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Photo: Ron Horton

Saturday Sept. 25 was Salt City Derby Girls return to Salt Lake after being up north. To start off the double header, there was a bout between Junction City Roller Derby and Salt City Roller Derby.  The bout was a charity bout benefitting the Road Home. Fans were asked to donate items like canned food, blankets, etc. The teams were both divided into the Black Mambas and the White Lightning, with members from each league playing together on the same teams. It was exciting seeing the best players from JCRD and SCRD compete on the same team. China White (SCRD) and Colonel Skirts (JCRD) were featured on the black team and white featured Sister Satan (SCRD) and Sarin Gasp (JCRD).  While both teams were good it seemed like more of the “star” players were on the Black Mambas.  From the beginning, Black Mambas had it in the bag. Colonel Skirts started them off with a 10 point jam.  Black Mambas went on to have 12 of the 19 total jams. White Lightning prepped for a comeback in the middle. They earned lead jammer two times in a row, one time thanks to Black Mambas jammer being in the penalty box, racking up 17 points. It was short lived though with Black Mambas getting all but one of the remaining jams. Sadly the bout only lasted one half.  Final score was White Lightening 29, Black Mambas 79. 

Saturday’s second bout of the double header was against SCDG’s Bomber Babes vs. Sisters of No Mercy. A key player missing from Bomber Babes lineup was #505 NOS. She was out due to an injury sustained up in Boise for the Spud Town Knockdown derby tournament. Bomber Babes felt the pain of not having their star jammer. Starting off, Ashes to Ashes (Sisters of No Mercy) was lead jammer, earning 4 points. Bomber Babes followed with 4 points. The score was back and forth until Hera Ticked (Sisters of No Mercy) scored 10 points in the tenth minute. From there, Sisters of No Mercy kept the lead.  The players used different moves to help score.   “Whips” were used at key times in game play.  Ashes to Ashes received the whip from Alevya Sufferin in the middle of the first half, making her lead jammer.   A “whip” is where the jammer grabs onto either the arm or leg of her fellow skater in front and whips herself forward, giving her immediate speed and direction.  A fan favorite of the “whip” is the double “whip.” This is where the jammer grabs the leg of a skater who is also holding onto another skater’s hand/arm. A trend of this game was the first jammer out of the pack not being called lead jammer due to penalty.  The last jam of the first half went the full two minutes bringing the score to Sisters of No Mercy – 50, Bomber Babes 23. Bomber Babes started the second half off as lead jammer, scoring 8 points.  Unfortunate for them, Sisters of No Mercy earned the next five jams bringing their score to 68-31. Sister Satan had an injury mid-way through the second half. She was down for a few seconds, but quickly up and off the rink. A tradition in roller derby is the skaters taking a knee and the music being turned off until the player on the rink gets back up. It’s actually quite heartwarming for such a brutal sport. The whole game was filled with skaters shoves and falls. Beracooter (#456 Sisters of No Mercy) is one of the leagues best blockers. She shoved one of her own teammates (#444) into Bomber Babes Contessa Danger (#777). Both of them fell to the ground in ruthless fashion.  That wasn’t the only time Contessa was shoved. She also was shoved three times early in the first half. She recovered the first two times but by the third she was knocked over. Sisters of No Mercy went on a scoring run the rest of the bout, doubling their points.  Bomber Babes also doubled their points but it wasn’t enough to take the lead. The final bout, Miss Mafiosa started out as Sisters of No Mercy jammer. She was shoved into the crowd and a little after this she handed the star cap off to Ashes to Ashes. This is completely legal during gameplay. Final tally – Sisters of No Mercy 114, Bomber Babes 50 

This upcoming Saturday is Utah’s first annual roller derby tournament, Mountain Throwdown.  Be there or be square. 


Photo: Ron Horton Photo: Ron Horton Photo: Ron Horton Photo: Ron Horton