Summer Shovin’: Hot Wheelers vs Molly Morbids 08.11

Posted August 14, 2012 in

Hot Wheelers vs Molly Morbids. Photo: O'Durgy

Last Saturday the Derby Depot was packed as WRD’s Hot Wheelers warmed up on the track against Spanish Fork’s Happy Valley Derby Darlins’ Molly Morbids in shocking pink. As the fans continued to swarm in, tensions ran higher and higher.

The first half started off with a fantastic offensive front from the Hot Wheelers with Lil N Gin having grabbed lead jammer position and snagging a pretty instant 4 points, with her blockers forming a wall towards the inside of the track to keep the Morbids contained.

After Jam 3, there was a lead change with the Morbids, heavily cheered on by their fans, steadily raking in point after point. With less than five minutes left of the first half, the Hot Wheelers were down 27 to 69, a 40-point difference.

The second half started off much like the first, with aggressive offensive plays from both teams. The Hot Wheelers started to make their comeback, aided by a massive 20-point jam by Lady Shatterly. Hot Wheelers continued their point gain little by little, although not without some opposition from the Morbids, with jammers Cookie, Chiquita Whabam Ya and Pain in the Nicki doing their best to break out of the pack first and keep the Wheelers behind their blockers.

With five minutes left of the bout, Hot Wheelers tried their best to break through the wall of pink, but the Morbids put up a fantastic fight and ended up skating away triumphant at a score of 107 to 90.

Come see the Happy Valley Derby Darlins Rollin’ Rebellion take on the Sirens of Steel August 25 at the Roller Hive.

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Hot Wheelers vs Molly Morbids. Photo: O'Durgy Hot Wheelers vs Molly Morbids. Photo: O'Durgy Hot Wheelers vs Molly Morbids. Photo: O'Durgy