The Salt City Shakers vs. Tent City Terrors 07.10.10

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Photo by O'Durgy

Western Region power rankings were on the line Saturday night at the Salt Palace. The 13th ranked Tent City Terrors were in town from Arizona to take on 16th ranked Salt City Shakers. The Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) ranks teams in each of four regions quarterly, and both Salt City Derby Girls and the Arizona Roller Dolls are in the Western Region. The best teams in each region battle it out in a Regional Championship tournament for a berth in the National Championship, which will be held in November. A win for Salt City could have boosted their position in the rankings.

The Shakers came out on fire and grabbed an 11-0 lead within the first three jams, but  Arizona pulled out all the stops and by the 10th jam, they had captured the lead. They held the lead until the 18th jam when the Shakers were able to get back on top.  Moonraker, NOS and China White bore most of the jamming responsibilities for the Shakers, with Moonraker racking up 22 points in seven jams in the first half. Arizona jammer Deez Nuts grabbed 25 points in the first half, while fellow jammers Family Jules, Knockout Knicko and Robin Banks helped put more points on the board for Arizona. The score at half-time was Shakers 55 and Arizona 59. 

The Shakers opened the second half like they were on a mission. Before long they were up by 26 points and it looked as though they might have this one in the bag. But Arizona wasn't going to go down without a fight, and with two minutes left in the game, Arizona pulled to within nine points. Arizona was able to hold the Shakers scoreless in those last two minutes while their jammers put up 14 points and ended up with the win. The final score: Shakers 110, Arizona 115. 

It wasn't particularly pretty derby as both teams seemed to struggle finding a rhythm and neither seemed to be executing much in the way of strategy. That, teamed with some exceptionally bad calls from a mostly inexperienced crew of refs, resulted in a somewhat lackluster bout. Hey refs, check the rules, the jam ends at the fourth whistle, not the first. Both teams were deprived of points that were earned while the whistle was still being blown. All criticism aside, it is important to remember that the zebras are volunteers who do this for the love of the game and the girls, so we'll cut them some slack.

You'll have to wait until September 25, 2010 to get your next Salt City Derby Girls fix.  The lineup for that evening's double header is the Bomber Babes vs. the Sisters of No Mercy, and Salt City will host Ogden's own Junction City Roller Dolls at the Salt Palace. 

Photo by O'Durgy Photo by O'Durgy