Wasatch Roller Derby Double-Header 05.26

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Midnight Terror vs. Treasure Valley. Photo: O'Durgy

The air was electric inside the Derby Depot, as the crowd prepared to cheer on our hometown girls, Midnight Terror, taking on Boise’s Treasure Valley Roller Girls. The night’s game was to be a double header, the first game between Midnight Terror and Treasure Valley, the second between the Bonneville Bone Crushers and Treasure Valley’s B Team.

The first half started off with a huge upset from the Midnight Terrors, a massive early lead against Treasure Valley. Hard aggressive plays, fantastic offensive skating, but not without it's penalty calls. When half time rolled around, Midnight Terror was leading 126 to 22—over a hundred-point lead.

The second half proved to be an almost exact copy of the first. Although Treasure Valley did get a couple lead jams, bringing in some much needed points, it was for naught, as our hometown ladies of Midnight won the first bout at a score of 242 to 57.

It seemed as though the second game between Bonneville and Treasure Valley’s B Team would also fall into the same lines as the first. Bonneville taking a large early lead with TV's B Team, finally getting on the score board in jam 10.

TV's B Team honestly seemed a little lost in the second half, not quite together and synchronized in their skating. Whereas BBC really seemed to wow the crowd with their impressive pack structure, blockwork and overall offensive plays. This definitely paid off¬¬—by the time half time cam around, Bonneville was ahead at 106 to TV's 10.

Not every roller derby game is complete without a few penalty calls. In some jams so many players of both teams were in and out of the penalty box it left only two or three members of either team left out on the track to skate, many times without their jammer.

Treasure Valley's B Team gave their all, even when the minutes counted down towards the end of the game, the gap between the scores was too close with little time. Bonneville skated away victorious at a score of 214 to 34.

Join Wasatch Roller Derby and the Bonneville Bone Crushers this Saturday at 7pm at the Derby Depot to see them take on the Portneuf Valley Bruisers.

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Midnight Terror vs. Treasure Valley. Photo: O'Durgy Bonneville Bone Crushers vs. Treasure Valley B Team. Photo: O'Durgy