Wasatch Roller Derby Extravaganza @ Derby Depot 07.14

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WRD Extravaganza. Photo: O'Durgy

A day filled absolutely full of derby. What more could a girl ask for? Or anyone with decent taste, for that matter?

As the Derby Depot filled up with skaters from teams and leagues around the valley including, but not limited to, Wasatch, Junction City, Happy Valley, Moab, Jackson Hole, Capitol City and Uinta, it was a little intimidating for anyone without a poker face made of steel to be able to hang around these kick ass skaters.

The morning consisted of skating clinics led by members of Wasatch’s Midnight Terror, which Included hitting/walls, juking/jumping and a clinic for the lovely zebras, the refs, conducted by level 3 WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) Certified referees. The clinics were for all levels of skaters, from beginners in their first season, to established skaters to learn and hone new skills.

Food was generously provided by Legends Pub and Grill, and after some pretty damn tasty burgers, the second half of the day started off with the first of 5 scrimmages of the afternoon. Teams were divided Black vs. White.

Scrimmage number one was open, meaning any level of skater could skate, and packed with action. Both Black and White fought for dominance and to tried to get their jammers out of the pack. Spectators, mainly consisting of other skaters of various teams, shouted encouragements and tips to players, much to my own personal amusement.

In my opinion, I think multi-teamed (teams made of multiple players from various leagues) jams always seem to turn out a little more ferocious than others. Different players, not used to playing with people not on their own specific team, have a much different dynamic, and sometimes it can turn ugly.

As there were five scrimmages throughout the afternoon, to thoroughly describe them all would make my fingers fall off. So, I’ll just regale you with the scores.

1st- Black 74 – White 26
2nd- White 118 – Black 24
3rd- Black 83 – White 75
4th- Black 68 – White 40
5th- Black 83 – White 45

After the scrimmages, there were some Derby Games, consisting of fastest 10 laps, highest jump and longest jump. After some more delicious burgers from Legends, it was time for the featured screening of Derby Baby: A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash. It was an absolutely fantastic feature-length documentary featuring and narrated by actress/musician Juliette Lewis, showing the ins and outs of this steadily growing, global, pre-dominantly women's sport.

Come see the Hot Wheelers take on Happy Valley Derby Darlins Saturday August 11 at the Derby Depot for some fantastic action.

Check out more photos from the Extravaganza by O'Durgy here.

WRD Extravaganza. Photo: O'Durgy WRD Extravaganza. Photo: O'Durgy WRD Extravaganza. Photo: O'Durgy