Wasatch Roller Derby Midnight Terror vs. Slaughter House Derby Girls

Posted June 30, 2010 in

Photo by O'Durgy

Wasatch Roller Derby’s Midnight Terror showed the Slaughter House Derby Girls of Greeley, CO who’s boss last Saturday at the Taylorsville Rec  Center.  From the get-go the Terror was ahead leading 16 - 2 just five minutes in. Jammers Honey Delunatic (#3)  and Queen Anne's Revenge (#1717) scored most of the Terror's points with Lady Rage (#5), Chica Dolor (#129), Kinky Killbassa (#5505)  and Tina Terminator (#24) assisting. Midnight Terror kept their lead by averaging a score of 4 points per jam. With Midnight Terror’s consistency Slaughter House just couldn't keep up. It did seem though that Midnight Terror jammers were in the penalty box more than their Slaughter House counterparts. This could have been the team’s downfall. But with speed and agility they overcame any runs that Slaughter House made. Slaughter House also had jammers in the penalty box, which led the Terror to have a scoring run in the 21st minute of the second half with Queen Anne's Revenge going on an 18 point run. The easy points prolonged the Midnight Terror's dominance. At the end of the first half the SHDG got lead jammer when #3 cut the track even though she was in the lead. That jam and the second to last jam doubled the SHDG 14 points to 28. At the end of the first half though it wasn't enough to trump the Midnight Terror’s 80 points

Half time brought a change of pace with an exhibition match by Utah's first all men's  and co-ed flat track roller derby league, Uinta  Madness. The game was just a friendly match with the team divided in half, but did they bring it. The rules are the same as women's , but they take the toughness to a whole new level practically tackling each other on the rink.

After half time the crowd was ready to get back to the game. SHDG received lead jammer status within the first 4 minutes and scored 4 points. SHDG having lead jammer was a rare occurrence in the first half and when it happened they took the opportunity to score. However, during the next jam Honey Delunatic went on a scoring rampage racking up 19 points for Midnight Terror. Talk about in your face.  The rest of the second half had SHDG receiving lead jammer status more often but not enough to overcome Midnight Terror lead.  In the end Midnight Terror won 155-94. 

Photo by O'Durgy