Wasatch Roller Derby’s Midnight Terrors vs. Slaughterhouse Roller Derby’s Prime Cuts 06.26

Posted June 29, 2011 in

Photo: O'Durgy
From the opening whistle, Wasatch Roller Derby's Midnight Terrors began doling out the punishment to Slaughterhouse Roller Derby's Prime Cuts of Greeley, Colorado. WRD jammer Skull Candy scored fourteen points in the first jam and set the tone for the remainder of the bout. The Prime Cuts had no answer to the Midnight Terrors amazingly agile jammers. Skull Candy, Ali Kitt3n and Moon Raker proved themselves unstoppable, racking up major point scoring jams time after time and getting lead jammer status nearly every jam in the bout. They were nothing short of incredible. The Midnight Terrors defense is to be commended as well, as they kept the Prime Cuts jammers stuck in the pack and unable to score points. Smack & Deckher, The Instigator and Colonel Skirts in particular demonstrated solid blocking and the occasional big hit. Speaking of Colonel Skirts, the announcer kept saying Colonial Skirts which seemed random. I'm not sure if it was an inside joke or what, but I can assure you that there was nothing about her skirt that was reminiscent of colonial times. The half-time score was Midnight Terrors 104, Prime Cuts 7.

You could almost feel the crowd willing the Prime Cuts back into the game. Alas, any attempted half-time adjustments made by the Prime Cuts proved ineffective. Prime Cut jammers Play Chick'n Wit Me, Slim Slam Mayhem,and Short Stack had their work cut out for them as they tried to fight through the pack to score points and get their team back into it. The jammers did accumulate 35 additional points in the second half for the Prime Cuts, but the Midnight Terrors could not be stopped. Final score WRD 224 Slaughterhouse 42.
Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy