WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Red Rockettes 04.14

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Black Diamond Divas vs. Red Rockettes. Photo: O'Durgy

Walking into the Derby Depot this last rainy Saturday night, the mere thought of somewhere to sit down was a joke. It seemed it was standing room only for this game between the Black Diamond Divas and the Red Rockettes.

Starting the night off, the Divas took an instant, rather cushy, lead. Both teams were using a strategy of slow starts and quick stops, and generally this strategy, in my own humble opinion, is a short term gain for a long term loss, but I guess the Divas knew something I didn’t as shown by the 51 point lead by Jam 12.

The first half showed the Rockettes looking scattered, leaving their jammers behind a wall of opposing blockers. Jam 13 ended with Rockette skater, Vishus Trollop, being injured in turn 3. The Rockettes had some difficulty getting themselves out of the pack and around to score some points, as the Divas used an effective strategy of making a wall of blockers, keeping the Rockette jammers behind the pack.

At five minutes to half time the score was 83-19, Black Diamond Divas leading. Wonton Rebellion of Rockettes downed in turn 3, but got back up and skated it off, showing that these women are some tough bitches and a few scrapes won’t deter them.

Half time rolled around with a little audience participation in “Derby Girl Games,” where various audience members ran obstacle courses with various derby gear among other things.

The second half started off with what seemed like a completely different Rockettes team. Much better defense strategies, getting some much needed points.

In jam 5, Red Rockette jammer Italian Hit Girl, had a power jam situation, as Diva skater Stache Bot was sent to the box on a penalty. Italian Hit Girl soared around the track and through the pack racking up 20 points.

Within the next few jams, the Rockettes started making a comeback, taking small point plays. By Jam 12 it was 115 to 72, Black Diamond Divas leading. Both teams gave it their all as the timer counted down to the end of the bout. With less than two minutes left of the game, the last jam of the night ended between BadKarma Dharma of the Divas and England’s Glory of the Rockettes. England scored a last minute 15-point jam, ending the game with a Black Diamond Divas victory at 148 to 105.

Come join these lovely ladies as they take on Pikes Peak Derby Dames at the Derby Depot on April 28 at 7pm.

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Black Diamond Divas vs. Red Rockettes. Photo: O'Durgy Black Diamond Divas vs. Red Rockettes. Photo: O'Durgy Black Diamond Divas vs. Red Rockettes. Photo: O'Durgy