WRD: Midnight Terror vs. Rat City 09.23

Posted September 28, 2012 in

The final score of the Wasatch vs. Rat City bout.

Last Saturday I had the interesting pleasure of being at the Derby Depot, minus all the live derby action. Since the fabulous Midnight Terrors were able to make it to the Western Regional Playoffs, Salt Lake folks had the pleasure of watching the live feed of the Terrors play against Rat City of Seattle, Wash.

It was definitely a different scenario versus a live game, but no less exciting. Fellow skaters and friends gathered to cheer on the Wasatch players, shouting tips and helpful encouragements, even though they were here in Salt Lake, and the actual game was in Oakland, Calif.

Before the bout started, I asked a few skaters what they were expecting to happen in the game and their guess at the final score. From what I gathered, Rat City was quite a formidable opponent, ranked at Number 6 in the west.

Not to say that the Wasatch skaters weren’t prepared. Around this time last year, they ranked at # 18. They rose 9 ranks within 4 quarters, and in doing so, made it into the Western Region Playoffs. Seriously an amazing feat.

The Terrors definitely showed their worth in the bout against the Rats. Holding their lead steady within the first few jams. A few lead changes before the end of the first half ended in a half-time score of Rat City 79 to Wasatch 81.

Wasatch showed how they earned and deserve their new ranking as the game went on, but every match must come to an end, and Rat City left victorious, going on to skate against Sacred City, of Sacramento, Calif. For more information and tournament details, visit WFTDA’s or the Derby News Network's website. Stay tuned for more exciting roller derby games next season.

The final score of the Wasatch vs. Rat City bout.