WRD Skater Smackdown: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers 03.10

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Wasatch Roller Derby Skater Smackdown. Photo: http://wasatchrollerderby.blogspot.com

As the Derby Depot filled with spectators, the atmosphere out on the track seemed rather friendly, as skaters on both teams did synchronized exercises, goading and teasing each other on in speed trial warm-ups.

Not only was this bout a rematch between Wasatch Roller Derby teams Hot Wheelers and Black Diamond Divas, but it was also a charity match. Forty-percent of the net ticket proceeds went to Camp Hobe, a summer camp designed for children with cancer and their siblings.

As the first half started, it seemed very reminiscent of their last match. Black Diamond Divas jammer Bruiser Ego started off with a fifteen-point power jam while her opponent, Colonel Skirts was sent the penalty box.

Black Diamond Divas started off the next few jams with a very hard, aggressive strategy, it was all The Hot Wheelers could do to just keep up. By jam 7 there had been quite a few scrape ups, but it was still BDD in the lead.

In jam 8, Bruiser Ego, back from her large scoring streak in the first jam, showed off her very impressive skating skills, slipping through the pack like the proverbial snake in the grass. She was helped by teammates Skatey Gaga and others, accruing a whopping 20 points, ending the jam at a score of BDD's at 46 to The Hot Wheelers 7.

Later in the week, Hot Wheeler Sarin Gasp! got a whip out of the pack by Smackand Deckher and became lead jammer, while Pandora Doom of BDD still struggled to get out of the pack to start her scoring run. Unfortunately, she was not fast enough, as Sarin Gasp! lapped the pack twice, getting 10 points for her team.

If there was a single player that seemed to shine in this match, it would have to be BDD's Bruiser Ego. Her impressive skating definitely wowed the crowd, always scoring double-digit point streaks. Even Hot Wheelers fans had to be impressed by this seemingly unstoppable Diva.

Hot Wheelers were not to be cowed by the BDD's already impressive lead. They kept taking small bites out of the jams, trying to catch up in points. By half time, the Divas were still in the lead at a score of 64 to 39.

The half time show was split between two events: Camp Hobe informing us all about what it is they do and how they do it, and The Uinta Madness men’s roller derby, putting a little show on for the crowd. They wowed and astounded us with feats of jumping inanimate objects at first, small things starting from small traffic cones to industrial-sized trash cans turned on their sides. Then after the "small stuff," the lovely women counterparts of the men’s team, The Hot Wheelers, graciously volunteered their bodies to be laid out on the track and jumped, starting with Harry Slaughter. Eventually, there were four people laying out on the track, including the new furry mascot for Wasatch Roller Derby, Sassy Sasquatch.

The second half was just vicious. Hip checks, trip ups and penalties abounded as both teams tried to rip each other apart.

Bruiser Ego shone again in the second half with the aid of her teammates. Jam 19 was a perfect example of this, as her blockers corralled the Hot Wheelers to the inside of the track in the second turn, letting Bruiser skate by unscathed, racking up a double digit score of 15 points.

As the game went on, you could tell that the skaters were becoming exhausted. They were still skating their hearts out, but the intensity was just wearing them down. With five minutes left in the game, the score was 101 to 80 with BDD still in the lead. But as it is with derby, it still could have been anyone’s game.

The crowd was definitely getting vocal in their criticisms of some of the refs calls, especially when players were being called on multiple track cutting penalties, which sent many a player to the penalty box.

During one of the last jams of the night, Clam Jammer of Hot Wheelers racked up some much needed points, dodging and ducking through the pack, scoring 20 points! Unfortunately, it was to no avail as the Black Diamond Divas were once again triumphant at a final score of 109 to 104.

The next home game features the Bonneville Bone Crushers against Montana's own Magic City Rollers at the Derby Depot, March 24 at 7 p.m. For more information about their home games or the charities that Wasatch Roller Derby is involved in, visit their website. For more info on Camp Hobe, click here.

Wasatch Roller Derby Skater Smackdown. Photo: http://wasatchrollerderby.blogspot.com Wasatch Roller Derby Skater Smackdown. Photo: http://wasatchrollerderby.blogspot.com