Trolley Wing Company’s Closing Party

For over ten years, the Trolley Wing Company has served the tastiest wings in the valley to many devoted customers. Sadly, they will be closing their doors for an undefined period of time while they relocate. To send off the old trolley car, they held a rager on Saturday, Feb. 27 and SLUG was there to cover it. Photos by Katie Panzer.

More Fog. More Lasers. More Ham. Less Sleep: New York’s Trouble and Bass Live Up to Their Namesake

When I hear the word “crew” used to describe a group of musicians, my first instinct is that the reason for the crew is to make up for some lacking in the crew members. For New York’s Trouble & Bass, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each member of this party-promoting, record-producing, track-remixing bass juggernaut can stand alone, but together they represent some of the most aggressively fantastic bass-heavy dance music in the DJ world.

Kicking & Dancing: The Political/Poetical María Magdalena Campos-Pons

For Campos-Pons, Our America is important for a community that is often “undefined and without context,” she says. Latino Americans are “like the universe,” Campos-Pons says. “Look at how many galaxies, how many stars, came out of [the Big Bang]. The idiosyncratic physical and cultural makeup of the Latino people—their identity—is like that: a mix of many things that become one.”