A Global Threat Show Review

Posted April 6, 2006 in

Photo by Autumn Spadaro

After basically loosing my voice and being hit enough times standing on the outskirts of the pit, I must say that this is one show I will remember long after the bruises fade and my voice returns to its normal high octave.

Locals All Systems Fail opened the show with a blast of raw energy; which set the bar high for the remainder of the night. They opened their set with some commentary from Travis about how nice it was to see the old school represented and their song “Four More Years”. Their performance was short, but the crowd was very into it. It was nice to see them finally get the kind of recognition and respect they deserve.

After that, Endless Struggle took the stage. Everyone chanted along to the pseudo classics like “Bastards,” “Endless Struggle” and “No Luck.” The Response during their newer songs wasn’t quite as great, but I suppose that is because everyone hasn’t heard them enough to have them memorized without even owning a CD.

Although I wasn’t too impressed with A Global Threat’s newest album, these boys still can put on a damned good show. By the time they took the stage the circle pit got a lot crazier. People were running and diving onto the backs of the kids pressed up against the stage. Crowd surfing if you will, but without the help of the crowd. During their set, a few noses got busted open and some innocent bystanders were burnt by the lit cigarette of some belligerently drunk 16ish-year-old chick with a skirt so short, her cunt was almost hanging out. A Global Threat’s set was also relatively short but the crowd wasn’t satisfied with how little they had heard and demanded an encore, which they received. During their final song, they got everyone screaming along and set the bar even higher for the headliners.

By the time the Subhumans took the stage the crowd combusted. They played almost non-stop for a little over an hour. The time between songs was almost non-existent except for the few times they took a break to rally the crowd against our fucked-up government, in a heavy English accent. When they played “Cradle to the Grave,” the crowd exploded again. Everyone was singing and dancing together. They got two well-deserved encores and by the last few songs, the crowd was in utter chaos. Everyone was screaming, punching, shoving and kicking while their clothing were barely clinging to their sweaty bodies. It is always awesome when aging punk bands manage to stand the test of time and remain in their prime decade after they first began.

The energy that played off of the crowd and the bands at this show was amazing. The sets were all short enough that the fans didn’t get bored and long enough to keep them satisfied, not to mention that the style of the four bands on the bill worked like clockwork together.

Photo by Autumn Spadaro