Audio Circus @ Saltair with Krewella, Infected Mushroom, Nicky Romero and Mac Miller 09.08

Posted September 18, 2012 in

Krewella. Photo: Nikko Lamere
Two days of pure electronic bliss is what I got to experience at V2’s Audio Circus. Three stages kept me busy throughout the night, the “Thunderdome” and the “Main Attraction” stage hosted the headliners at the two-day festival. There was also another stage outside on the beach called the “Opulent Temple,” smaller but definitely no less fun. With the addition of what seemed to be an endless amount of fabulous DJs and some of the best production I’ve ever seen at The Great Saltair, I was seriously feeling the kid in the candy store complex.

Incredible light shows, crazy stilt performers and LED walls the size of the venue itself"it was a wondrous sight to behold. Did I mention the swagged-out fireworks display? Plus, with DJs like Pretty Lights, Nicky Romero, Andy C, Krewella, Infected Mushroom and countless others, how could Audio Circus simply not be phenomenal? The worst thing that happened that weekend was how long sound check took for one of my favorite white boys, Mac Miller, but it was worth it to watch him destroy the stage"he was da bomb!

Usually I have to leave the state to go to a huge festival to see all my favorite artists in one place. I had actually just finished my run at Electric Zoo in NY earlier in the week, and had thought I wouldn’t enjoy Audio Circus that much because it had only been four days since I was at one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the nation. I was wrong, so wrong. Walking into The Great Saltair, my doubts were completely diminished within ten minutes of experiencing Audio Circus.

The first thing that blew me away was the light show that seemed to float above me on the stage by the beach. It was as if the lasers were having a party above me in midair and I wasn’t invited. All I wanted to do was have it wash over me and make me its bitch, but unfortunately, laser light shows aren’t real people, or could they be? I’ll check with Mitt Romney. The next stage that blew my mind was the “Main Attraction,” where I experienced the unveiling of Infected Mushroom’s titillating stage set up. I skeeted so hard watching them play in those floating globe-like objects. At the beginning of their set they almost looked like frogs because of the trippy ribbit sound sample at the beginning of their set. When they played “Becoming Insane,” it was as if they knew exactly what was happening to me. With the crazy visuals projecting on the globes and wall behind them during their set, the night turned into something not of this world, it was pure magic!

The third stage inside that hosted Andy C, Krewella and Mac Miller was probably my favorite stage because of how intimate it felt. With so many stages, there was never any overcrowding or feelings of being squished, which was a welcome relief. Watching Krewella, whom I just saw at Electric Zoo on Sunday, was awesome. I was unsure if seeing them just a few days ago was going to make their performance feel stale, but it was the complete opposite! They put on an incredible performance. Dark, sexy and wild was the ongoing theme through their set, from when they dropped “I’m Alive,” their popular “Play Hard” track, then did a sick transition into an edit that involved Justice’s “D.a.n.c.e.” in the beginning. This lured you in perfectly for a nasty drop into some sick Rasta dubstep track that I am still searching for, holy chicken on a stick! It was like I was at a prom hosted by Darth Vader, using the force to get my wobble wobble on. When they dropped their infamous “Killin It” track, they had the crowd going absolutely mad! I can’t wait to see them again.

Another performance that was probably my favorite from the whole weekend was Nicky Romero. After a night of non-stop dub step and drum and bass, he gave me what my body needed: an excuse to shake my ass and drop it low with some serious, old-school electro. He played songs that I hadn’t heard since I played them at my first DJ gig in 2010, like Calvetron’s remix of Starchaser’s track “So Good” and Angger Dimas’ remix of Kaskade’s “All You.” He blew my mind and then some when he mixed in his own remix of Eva Simons’ “I Don’t Like You.”

Ending my astounding weekend with Mac Miller was icing on a cake! I wasn’t sure at first what it would be like ending a night of electronica with hip hop, but now I know it’s probably one of the best ideas that V2 has ever had. Mac Miller got on stage with a rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” playing behind him, and for a second, it seemed like a commercial I had seen him in on TV a lot lately: His devilish smile, the fans clamoring at the stage"it was pretty cool. When he performed “Donald Trump,” the crowd went to a level of excitement I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard"my ears are still ringing from the crowds screaming! All in all, Audio Circus was amazeballs, because of all the talent behind it: great production, DJs and friendly people make a great show.
Krewella. Photo: Nikko Lamere