Baby Gurl, Aan @ Kilby 05.13

Posted May 16, 2013 in

Holy shit it was hot Monday night. The fact that anyone showed up anywhere in the city is something short of a miracle. Originally, this was going to be a review of the Black Pus show scheduled for the night, but the band’s mastermind Brian Chippendale was pulled over for being too cool and as a result, couldn't make the show. Here's to hoping he comes back as soon as possible and that his insurance rates stay low. Also, check out my interview with Brian Chippendale on SLUG's podcast, Soundwaves from the Underground.

The first band to join we few stalwarts was Baby Gurl: a duo who are not only talented, but also funny as hell. Baby Gurl have quite the presence for only having two members: a drummer and a bass player. If you're wondering what they sound like, imagine the band Hella, but with a little Lightning Bolt added to the mix. I'm pretty certain these guys are going to be located on my top ten list of the year, and I've only seen them live once. Noisy metal on top of insane drumming, these guys offer something that fans of Gaytheist and Eons can both agree on (not to say that Gaytheist and Eons are opposites musically). Did I already say they're funny? Well, they're funny with their playful lyrics, their brand of parody-metal and on-stage chemistry (see “Tweaker Time,” “Beatbox” or “James”). With complex time signatures and a tightness you only see in jazz bands, these dudes have captured something unique. My favorite song of theirs is “James” which starts out with a fat bass line then two people yelling “Watch out mother fucker / I'm going to roll you over / In my electric wheelchair”, if someone does a short film involving an old person going to the grocery store and this song, the universe will be a better place. Please make this happen. I can't remember what they closed with, but everyone was looking pretty sweaty after that.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Kilby Court has a bathroom? I've been going to Kilby regularly for eleven years and have never needed to pee, so I've never asked where the bathroom is. For those wondering, its in the red bricked building south of the venue.

Next up was the band Aan, a experimental pop group from Portland, Ore. They've been to Utah a few times, most recently in April with local band Lake Island. Aan has a Modest Mouse or Islands quality to it, but with more electronic gadgets attached to their instruments. They're an enjoyable group, their album I Could Be Girl For You is pretty solid—fans of Passion Pit and Vampire Weekend will particularly enjoy their music. For a Portland group, their music sounds like a lot like summer, which was appropriate for the soul-crushing heat bathing Salt Lake City. All in all, I'm not the biggest fan of this genre of music and sometimes I felt the music was featureless, but I that is not to say that Aan is a bad band, they're just not the band for me. Don't let me deter you, Aan, keep coming to Utah—the kids in Provo are raving over this genre of music you're playing, it's just a matter of time before they hear about you. Aan played their last song, we clapped, I think the lead singer made some joke, I couldn't hear him too well.

We all wandered for moment before someone said that Black Pus wasn't showing up. That was a bit of a bummer, but looking on the bright side, Baby Gurl kicked serious ass. Find all three bands on Spotify or Bandcamp and hope Chippendale comes back soon.