Bayside @ Club Sound 03.12 with Four Year Strong, Daylight, Mixtapes

Posted March 14, 2014 in

Bayside has been killing it since the millennium and they have no means of stopping. Photo: Tom Falcone

To complement this warm spring weather, Bayside hit Club Sound this past Wednesday as part of a tour promoting their newest release, Cult, with a variety of supporting acts including Mixtapes, Daylight and Four Year Strong.

Mixtapes kicked off the packed out venue with some heart felt harmonies and emotionally catchy choruses that reminded me of the early eras of the pop punk/ emo scene. The male and female vocal contrast demonstrated by Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver was an interesting dynamic that seemed to fit the band’s carefree and fun playing style. From there newest single “Bad Parts” to the fast paced, Blink-182 influenced “Pop Rocks N’ Coke,” Mixtapes killed it. Daylight played straight through their next set, displaying their grunge/punk skills to make the perfect melancholy skate rock for everyone to space out and vibe to. These guys played on absolute auto drive and kept the crowd’s heads bobbing throughout their entire set.

The hype and energy level took a serious jump when the bearded boys of Four Year Strong hit the stage. These guys arguably revolutionized the aggressive pop punk scene with their release Rise or Die Trying and they still bring the same energy with every performance. Songs like “Bada Bing! Wit’ A Pipe” and “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” seem to incite urges of pile-on’s and wind-milling that most pop punk bands just cannot match. The energetic always paves way for the ballad song in the case of “One Step at a Time,” a personal tearjerker for myself.

Bayside absolutely destroyed the headline set, playing at least 20 songs from their 14-year-long portfolio. Classics like “Duality” and a special treat in “Dear Tragedy” complemented the catchiness of newer songs like “Stuttering” and “Pigsty.” So far from their home of Long Island, New York, Anthony Raneri assured the crowd that they were making the band feel right at home with the amount of gang vocals and crowd surfing going on. He even went for the acoustic guitar mid set just to cover all grounds of emotion for the night. This show was worth its weight in gold to attend and those who did—you know what I mean. Let’s just say Bayside has been killing it since the millennium and they have no means of stopping. Check all of these bands out and blast them with the windows down this spring and summer!