Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Show Review

Posted October 8, 2007 in

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
In The Venue 09.12.07

While some bands are content to play the exact same set night after night, I’ve always been partial to bands that switch things around every night. So when someone in the crowd shouts out a request and BRMC guitarist/vocalist Peter Hayes responds with “We played that one last time we were here. We wanted to give you something different,” you know exactly where the band stands. Not that the band weren’t open to taking requests as bassist/vocalist Robert Levon Been asked the crowd for requests before launching into the suggested “Rifles” before finishing the night off with “All You Do Is Talk.”

Undaunted by the flu that has hit the entire band and crew and a bass amp that blew out following sound check (they were forced to borrow the opening act’s), BRMC crashed through a 22-song, two-hour set of hits and rarities that balanced distorted rock with southern-influenced blues and ballads (it would have gone on longer had the band not been scheduled to unload for a festival at Red Rocks early the next morning) and included performances of the b-side “The Show Is About To Begin,” cover versions of “Love Me Tender,” “Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll” and the brilliant Howl outtake “Steal a Ride.” While an audience member near me complained that songs from their second album Take Them On, On Your Own were under represented its hard to fault a band that plays with passion and sincerity even on a night when the crowd isn’t nearly as large as it should be and their health is less than wonderful.