Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore, Daath and 13th Cadaver

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Club Boom Va
December 10 2006

The relatively small crowd that this show drew shocked me; there may have been around 60 people there, if that. The all-ages live music scene has become truly depressing in the past few months. I swear if a huge band isn’t on the bill like Gwar or Slayer no one comes to the show. I’d like to hope that it was the bad weather that kept people off the roads that night, and not apathy.

Unfortunately, I missed the opening band's set due to the snow and arrived half way through Daath’s set. Daath was clearly entertaining the line of people in front of the stage who head-banged away in unison, but everyone else in the crowd looked pretty bored by the band. Lead singer Sean Farber tried hopelessly to get the crowd involved. He informed them that it was okay for them “to show their horns” because the cops weren’t going to show up. His humor failed though, with the exception of the line of enthusiastic fans pushed against the stage, the crowd stared forward blankly at the band.

Goatwhore took the stage next. A new group of enthusiastic metal fans assembled in a line at the stage, while the rest of the crowd appeared to be more concerned about text messaging their friends or biting their nails. Goatwhore did what they could to get the crowd a bit more riled up, but it was to no avail. Apparently everyone had taken a heavy dose of sedatives before attending the show that night. The black metal band did their best, played their music with a lot of heart and should have received a bit more of an enthusiastic response from the small crowd.

Cattle Decapitation took the stage last. Their set was shorter than I expected. My guess is they were pissed off by the small turn-out and lack of enthusiasm the crowd was showing. They played a good mix of songs from all of their albums, played “The Decapitation of Cattle” and “The Recapitation of Cattle” and were able to get the crowd a bit more fired up than their death metal companions. Unfortunately, the response from the majority of the crowd still looked bored. Why were these people even here?

For me, half the experience of going to a show always involves the crowd. A band feeds off of the crowd, and in turn the crowd feeds off of the band. Seeing live music isn’t like watching television. It’s okay to respond to the band when they try and interact with you. In my opinion, the three bands that played did an excellent job, in no way was the show a bad experience. It was just kind of a bummer that the “fans” weren’t as enthusiastic about the bands that they’d paid to see as one would imagine. Like I said, I hope I can blame their apathy on the bad weather.