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Coheed and Cambria (courtesy of


Though Coheed & Cambria’s lyrics, music and the overall theme of their music are overwhelmingly dark, on this March evening they were a shining light in the middle of a frustrating and saddening evening.

After being forced to pay $10 to park, crossing the street and approaching the E-Center’s doors, all I could see on the horizon were seas of ominous lines, spanning from the parking lot, up the flights of stairs to the doors. About half way up the stairs, the E-Center staff had begun splitting the lines into boys and girls to frisk people before entering the venue. This amounted to was people being split up and having to wait inside by the doors for the rest of their party because they had been separated 50 feet before the door, while being screamed at though megaphones by the concert staff to go sit down. It was completely unorganized chaos and plain stupidity on the behalf of the staff. Why not split the men and women directly before entering to be frisked like any other concert? Show attendees were subjected to verbal abuse and harassment as a result of this shoddy operation. We were told we were “… too stupid to figure this out,” and we were going to miss the show. I kept imagining myself ripping the megaphone out of the loudmouth lady’s hand and beating her senseless with it.

After suffering through Chiodos, Coheed emerged to save those of us who had come to see them (and hear good music) from the out-of-our-element situation we were in. First playing a handful of songs from their latest album, they soon began to play a wider variety of tracks and show the audience what a rock show is supposed to be. The audience response was mediocre, except for the kid and his friends two seats down from me, who were rocking out harder than the band itself––which, by the way, doesn’t work while being seated. However, when Coheed closed with the increasingly popular “Welcome Home,” that is featured on all the latest Guitar Hero-type games, the crowd went ballistic and sang every word and truly rocked out together. Sadly, their set came to an end and it was time for me to exit in order for me to keep my dignity and leave before Linkin Park took the stage.

I realized two things that night:

1. The E-Center staff are a bunch of morons.
2. Some very great and influential bands are/were never meant to––and shouldn’t––grace the stage of arenas, while others, such as Coheed, were created specifically for arenas. Coheed’s full potential as a band is realized in that setting (if for no other reason, in order to have the production budget that suits the band’s true vision) and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them on that scale soon.

Coheed and Cambria (courtesy of