Danzig Show Review

Posted December 7, 2007 in
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Glenn Danzig (courtesy of danzig-verotik.com)

Danzig, Horrorpops, Gorgeous Frankenstein
Tuesday, November 6th

Seeing as this is my first show review, let me get this out of the way before I go on: if your shitty band decides to absolutely slaughter a Cure song, keep it in the privacy of your own basement. That being said, the band that opened the show - Suicide City or some such juvenile bullshit – must have sucked a load of cock to get on this bill. Not only were they completely worthless as musicians and songwriters, but they made complete asses of themselves by covering The Cure’s “Burn”…badly. Very badly. Which leads me back to my opening statement…these jokers should have stayed home.

Gorgeous Frankenstein
, the most recent project courtesy of Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, actually put on a pretty entertaining live show. The music wasn’t really my cup of tea (think nu-Misfits done better and with a bit more of a low-end to it), but seeing Doyle tramp around the stage and absolutely murder his guitar was alone worth the price of admission. I think having his wife put on some sort of weird burlesque strip tease thing during the band’s set was a bit much…apparently, she does backing vocals on the group’s debut release, but was a little too shy to do backing vocals live. Go figure. She can’t sing in front of an audience, but she can shake her shit on a stripper pole and stuff t-shirts in her crotch. I met her and Doyle after the set, and she’s a great lady, but they should really re-think the routine. It’s a bit…out of place, to say the least.

I (thankfully) missed the majority of the Horrorpops set while James Bennett and I conducted his interview with Glenn Danzig. I’m not sure about you folks, but I’d take a sit-down with Danzig over a crappy Horrorpops set any day. Something about the whole “psychobilly” craze just eludes me…maybe it’s because I just don’t understand how dudes can get their hair into that perfect pencil-eraser style and then actually feel like they look good.

Danzig. Two words: fucking amazing. The most recent incarnation of the Danzig touring lineup included Todd Youth back on guitar and Steve Zing on bass, as well as a Swedish guy whose name I don’t recall, but I fucking swear is the second coming of Chuck Biscuits. Even with Glenn’s arm being in a sling from a mishap during a previous show, he was fucking locked in this night…the man knows how to play to an audience. He seemed a bit uncomfortable during the first few songs; the sling looked incredibly restricting, and I imagine it was fairly difficult for him to not got absolutely nuts because of its limitations. I admit I wasn’t really feeling the energy much until the band launched into “How the Gods Kill” from the album of the same name, but from that point of the show was incredible. All the early Danzig tracks, and the couple they played off the band’s most recent “Lost Tracks of Danzig” release, were fucking phenomenal. Hell, I even found myself digging on the stuff from “Satan’s Child” and “I, Luciferi,” which I think are absolute abominations. But let’s not kid ourselves here: Everyone at that show knew they were in for something special, and they got it in the form of a rather muted Misfits set with Doyle on guitar. While they only played three songs, they played the fucking balls off them, and they blew the tits off anything Jerry Only’s bullshit incarnation(s) of the Misfits has ever done or will ever do. If you were at the show, you know what I mean. If you weren’t, well, it pretty much sucks to be you.

Glenn Danzig (courtesy of danzig-verotik.com)