Dead Prez @ Urban Lounge

Posted October 12, 2010 in

On this Sunday night, I had every intention of getting to the point with Dead Prez and really getting my journalistic nerd on, asking the hard-hitting questions. I won't call myself a “revolutionary” but long before they hit the credits of Entourage, I have always wondered what it was that made Dead Prez find me such an easy target in the streets. It’s no taboo subject, but I feel like Dead Prez may look at the extremely large majority of Utah as “The Man” or enemy.  Unfortunately fate was not in my favor that evening in a sense, as I wasn’t able to pull an interview, I was however present for the show and really isn’t that the point.  Courtesy of SLUG’s Rough Side of Da Trax skateboard competition, which took place earlier that day, I was tired as hell. I don’t know if you know this, but they call it Summer Of Death for a reason: They’re trying to kill you.

I took a rather laid back approach to the show and decided to look at it as more of a social experiment and less as an excuse to cut lose. I knew it was going to be an active show from the relation of crowd closeness to the stage. Like I said I was real tired, so I found something to lean on. On recorded tracks, Dead Prez sound like they are going to stick me up and tie me to a stop sign. You can imagine how I felt when one of these nice gents shook my hand—I was star struck. Nice guys. That still didn't allow me any ease as to how the rest of the peckerwoods in attendance were gonna fare over the course of the evening. It was a set filled with bangers, knowledge dropping and the latest dance craze: the honky. Starting off like a blast from the desert eagle, "Radio Freq" got the speakers cranked all right. As expected "Hell Yeah" was a real crowd pleaser. It was right around then that the honky dance was first surfacing. Banger after banger lead right into "Don't Hate On My Grind" minus of course Bun B, not trill enough for it to go down like that. Appealing to the hippie earth crunching type, "Be Healthy" hit home with its anti-capitalistic promotion for the Farmers Of American organization.

By this point in the show the rider and the punks were separate and the real knowledge started getting dropped on "Malcolm, Garvey, Huey." That’s stuff I happen to be learning about this semester, so it was like a study session for me. After that, it was refreshing to see the crowd get proactive for "Hip-Hop." Being able to witness this show I was lucky enough to be able to unearth some resolution A to why these guys found me and most in attendance to be considered evil. All I was able to come up with is that they have been running into the wrong white people. I was able to get a much more appreciative understanding of their feelings on police, and well I'll be damned they feel the same way as me about police. And the bonding took full swing. I feel as if maybe they think all white people are like cops and that’s just backwards. Then again I could be wrong.

I always took Dead Prez to be above beef rap, but not afraid to let their feelings of someone be known. That said Dead Prez's rendition of a Young Jeezy song, will have to speak for itself. Letting the evening slow down a bit and allowing some vibes to get sent around, "Mind Sex" got things right where they needed to be. Once again getting their alpha males on, they got all up on Drake's "Last Year," taking it as a revolutionary hostage. Next the DJ playing with Dead Prez, got out there and ripped it all up. With a quick three song playlist, he had the time to use a little of Kanye’s "Power" and Jay-Z’s "Death To Auto Tune".

I was able to observe a lot at this show and get deep into thought over some real heavy hitting subjects. I may not know why Dead Prez hates me fully, but I have hope for the future that some day they may change their view