Deadmau5 at Saltair

Posted July 26, 2010 in

I am going to start by saying that I (Eric Hess) had never been to a rave in my life and was honestly excited to see what all the gab is about. I have various friends who like techno music and going to raves. I'd hear their stories and wonder if this is true, I mean it's just techno music (boom, boom, boom, boom, breakdown, boom, boom, boom.) But after being at this show I see now that it is much more than just bass and flashy lights.

Deadmau5 was six thousand people in a crowd facing one stage with a dude up on the stage doing his thing with just a laptop, some huge speakers, strobe lights and other lights. The majority of guys in the crowd were running around with their shirts off and the girls weren't wearing much more than the guys. I saw a lot of girls running around in only bra's and panties (some in swimsuits, but really in bra's and panties), and I say girls because I felt it necessary to ask a couple of them how old they were. I received an answer of 16, a number I assume was a lie, shook my head in disgust and continued to lurk the crowd.

These girls did not even look old enough to drive a vehicle yet, but were old enough to be half naked, rolling balls at a 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. party? Apparently when you are on ecstasy you can get quite a good sensation when you inhale deep breathes of Vick's (a mentholated decongestant). I saw more little kids using Vick's as oxygen than I would have liked to that night. I asked a friend: “Why does it seem like everyone, including these kids, are fucked up?” Her response was, “That's just the scene, you have to be fucked up in order to have fun.” I started to think about times when I thought it was necessary to be “fucked up,” in order to have fun. Only a couple pathetic times popped into my head and all of them were when I was a youngster and going to Area 51 for 80's night (thank god those days are over). This was a few thousand people all of them fucked up,  just trying to keep themselves together. This rave in particular didn't seem to have an issue with letting children be put into adult situations. This was my first rave, but I don't imagine that any others are different due to so many crowd members saying that the show was awesome.

What that means to me is that Deadmau5 did what the fans wanted him too. He came, put up his stage, unpacked his laptop and played at 64 beats per minute for seven hours. Everyone paused for a firework show, before jumping right back into the 64 bpm. To be completely honest, the show was rad and I even found myself near the stage bouncing with the mentholated crowd kinda wishing that I was one of the many trippin out instead of just a lil' buzzed. Despite this, I just couldn't get over the fact that these girls, known in the rave scene as Prostitots, were allowed into a show in outfits that Vegas style strippers would even frown upon. I mean … these are kids in an adult situation.

The rave scene isn't quite what I'm looking for in my particular lifestyle, but to each their own. One thing is for sure—Deadmau5 had that place jumpin'. Whatever drugs those kids were on, simply enhanced the show and made it an experience for themselves and I. I'm down for a good time, but if you’re a k-12 student off for the summer you need to get a hobby. There are adults at play.