Death Cab for Cutie

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Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie
Thanksgiving Point

Instead of wiping beads of sweat from foreheads at this Memorial Day show, the crowd were dabbing their sniffling noses due to uncomfortable cold. Regardless, it didn’t stop Seattle’s Death Cab For Cutie from giving a memorable performance.

As the thundershowers came hard, fast and frequently throughout the day and into the late afternoon it was questionable how the pending, highly anticipated DCFC show would turn out. I know I had my doubts and my mindset went from looking forward to the concert to dreading standing outside on the wet grass and in the cold air at Thanksgiving Point. While standing in an eternal line it was clear that many others had the same sentiments and were getting hostile due to doors being pushed back because of the tortuous weather.

Tegan and Sara, the twin sister-fronted band, blasted through a well-received set, explaining they were speaking with the crowd as little as possible so DCFC would have enough time to give the fans who had braved the bad weather, and come out the show in spite of it, the show they deserved.

As the temperature began to nosedive and sparse drops of rain began to come and go DCFC took the stage in time to rejuvenate their fans’ falling morale. Opening with some older material, including a personal favorite, “Photobooth,” they made their way through several songs before stopping to give thanks to all their freezing fans, apologize for the eternal line caused by having to push the door time back and for openers Rogue Wave not having been able to play in attempts to salvage as much lost time as possible.

Not long after starting their set, most began to forget their sniffling noses, move around and warm up…a little. Though many songs on the night’s set list were from DCFC’s latest release, Narrow Stairs (which is debuted at #1 on Billboard’s top 200), the band also played popular hits from their last-and major label debut-album, Plans, while throwing in a few older tunes here and there for those who have been supporting them prior to their pre-major label and radio days. They made the crowd laugh with banter about how they were trying to play their instruments the “cool,” way and about how they were rushing to play as much as possible before they turned into pumpkins at the venue’s 10 p.m. curfew.

DCFC concluded their roughly 80 minute set with a three song encore and closed with the title track from 2003’s Transatlanticism, finishing just a sliver past the 10 p.m. curfew, they made the best night possible out of a bad day.


Death Cab For Cutie