Del the Funkee Homosapien 12.11.2009 The Urban Lounge

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Del the Funkee Homosapien @ The Urban Lounge
With: Bukue One, Scenic Byway and appearances by Opio and Supernatural

If you were planning on catching Del at the Urban Lounge on Friday the 11th, I hope you pre-rolled your L’s ahead of time. Long lines, brick temperatures and a sold out show made for some unhappy folks on the outside. On the inside, however, local cats Scenic Byway was doing a bang up job of keeping everyone moving and lifted. It’s not often that an instrumental hip hop band has it together enough to pull off the sound. These dudes were impressive. The rhymes where decent, nothing too memorable but nothing sub par. The trumpet and guitar, however, added a sound to the band that really pulled it together. Bukue One did his damn thing on stage and while he was doing it, he was letting the charisma fly. Between DJ Zach Hendrix and his overwhelming ability to exercise on the wheels of steel and Bukue’s ear tickling acappella, there was not a single unhappy member of the crowd. Getting into “Cheese And Butter” brought the crowd alive and even brought some smoke poofs out of nowhere, and I know you can’t smoke cigs inside. Stepping up next was the man of the hour, the man who brought the snow bros out in full effect, Del the Funkee Homosapien. Alongside Del was A plus of the Souls of Mischief. Kicking the set off better then Ray Finkle kicks a football, with “At the Helm,” the moment the first beat was dropped the crowd erupted and being a sold out show, it was no joke. Not long into Del’s set, lurking around the side stage Opio and Supernatural were getting ready to get down. Stealing a moment of the show with a ridiculous freestyle, grabbing at cameramen’s cameras and cell phone cameras, for a second there, things got very serious. I knew Supernatual had it off the top of the head, but I never got to see it in person before—impressive. Dropping a little knowledge on the dirty, smelling-like-a-taxi-driver’s-nut-sac hippies out there. “ If You Must” brought the crowd to an all time high, both from the sweet hippie-lettuce smell taking over Urban, and the crowd hippity-hopping in excitement. I can’t think of a better way to end a show.
-Jemie Sprankle