Flogging Molly Show Review

Posted December 26, 2007 in

Flogging Molly (courtesy of myspace.com/floggingmolly)

Flogging Molly with Dusty Rhodes, The River Band and Murder by Death, 12.07.07, In the Venue

I love Flogging Molly. I love their music, and I used to love their live shows. Unfortunately, I think that they’ve just given way to popular demand to continue playing medium-sized venues.

I arrived at this show at 8:30, both of the openers had already played, Flogging Molly had just taken the stage, and the crowd had already exploded. Fans were packed in like sardines almost to the entrance of the venue. In the Venue seemed as if it were about to bust open at the seams with the amount of people shoved into the space. Dancing room was minimal, and many people even had trouble getting from one side of the venue to the other without hitting a roadblock. The closest I was able to get to the stage was at least 30 feet back, if not more. From this distance I couldn’t see the band, and the music sounded like shit. Luckily, about halfway through the set I was able to get an elevated standing spot, where I could witness the band and the chaos happening below.

From the ledge I managed to snag, I was made fully aware of how tightly everyone was jammed together. Many crowd members were restricted to only a few inches of dancing room, and were constantly being pushed forward by other members of the crowd trying to get closer to the stage. The upstairs bar portion of the club didn’t look much better, either. It’s very clear that Flogging Molly has an immense fan base; during many of the songs, the huge crowd was able to drown out lead singer Dave King and the rest of the band. The majority of the show, I could hear the people around me singing more clearly than King.

It’s clearly time for Flogging Molly to start playing larger venues then the ones they have traditionally stuck to. It’s pretty amazing that a band supported by independent label, Side One Dummy, has achieved such popularity. It also speaks volumes about the quality of their music. I bet Flogging Molly could fill a stadium, and while it might run counter to their small indie beginnings, if the ticket prices remained low, they might just get away with it.

Flogging Molly (courtesy of myspace.com/floggingmolly)