Flying Lotus @ Urban Lounge 10.19 with Teebs, Jeremiah Jae

Posted October 23, 2012 in

Flying Lotus. Photo: Timothy Saccenti
It was another slightly bitter cold night in Salt Lake City, winter was settling in and we are just getting used to it. The energy in the air hinted that there was something special happening tonight, and that something special was Flying Lotus. My experience with the Flying Lotus show started outside, in the massive line wrapped around Urban Lounge. It had been a while since I’d seen an artist bring out this many of Salt Lake City’s natives; it was ridiculous"in a good way. Everyone was excited, cold and patient, because we all knew what was about to happen: Flying mother-fucking Lotus was about to blow our minds and then some. By the time I got inside, Jeremiah Jae was onstage doing his thing,

Jeremiah Jae is a poet of sorts who raps over electronic music to the liking of Teebs and Flying Lotus, his label-mates. I’m not terribly familiar with him, but after seeing his performance, I would like to be. He had the floor packed to the brim with eager ears keen to hear his poetry over these strange, distorted electronic sounds with hip hop drums and beautiful melodies. He had an amazing energy on the stage, the way he moved around, as if acknowledging everyone there. At times it felt like Urban Lounge was turned into a classroom and Jeremiah Jae a professor, teaching the audience about life’s most troubling questions. It was dope. Do people still use that word? Well, if not, I’ll be the first to start because that’s what Jeremiah Jae’s performance was, dope.

After Jeremiah Jae, there was a short break before Flying Lotus. During this break is when I found out I had missed Teebs, which made me sad. Teebs is an experimental electronic producer on Flying Lotus’s label Brainfeeder, and a California native. Before the show I had done some research on him and found that he came into music after hurting his Achilles tendon forced him to stop skating. He took that opportunity to focus on music, which wasn’t too hard for him since he was rooming with Flying Lotus. Since then he’s put out a couple of albums: Collections 01, Why Like This? and Ardour. I was hoping to see him live after listening to his albums, but we’ll just have to wait till next time.

When Flying Lotus came onstage it was definitely obvious"screaming and cheers came from all around the venue as he walked behind the DJ table. When I saw Jeremiah Jae, I had been in the front of the crowd, pleasantly next to a subwoofer. For Flying Lotus, I found myself trapped in the very back of the audience and the audio was not as powerful that far into the crowd. Fortunately for me and everyone else in the back, Flying Lotus agreed. In the midst of beginning his set, Flying Lotus stopped the music and said he needed more bass and hoped the Urban Lunge could do better"it was a pretty awesome moment. The Urban Lounge sound guy, put on the spot in front of everyone, complied and turned it up to the point that the possibility of blowing a speaker was now highly plausible. However, I didn’t care because now I could feel the music and the show had really begun.

Flying Lotus played a lot of favorites from his new album Until the Quiet Comes, like “Getting There” feat. Niki Randa, “Putty Boy Strut” and “The Night Caller.” One of the cool moments during his set"and there were a lot"was when he played a sick version of “Mercy” by Kanye West that he later on mixed into his track “Putty Boy Strut” "it was so sick! He also dropped his own version of Frank Ocean’s “Think About You” track. It was a beautiful moment in the Urban Lounge. Another song that I didn’t see coming, but blew my mind when he dropped it was “Original Don” by Major Lazer. I got to drop it low, so I was satisfied. The most precious moment was probably when he started playing tracks by late rapper J Dilla. It made the crowd go insane! There were girls screaming “J Dilla” and jumping onstage to give Flying lotus props"it was sweet. Flying lotus came, saw and conquered Salt Lake. I can’t wait to see him again!
Flying Lotus. Photo: Timothy Saccenti Teebs. Photo: Jeremiah Jae