Get Lucky

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The Great Saltair
Felix Da Housecat, Wolfgang Gartner, Chris Lake

Get Lucky, the latest rave produced by V2 events, was a perfect example of the rave scene in Utah: great music, way too many people. V2, through a relationship with AM Only Management, manages to bring some of the biggest house, trance, and electro DJ’s in the world into our small city. Get Lucky 2009 brought Deadmau5, and the lineup this year was no disappointment with Chris Lake, Wolfgang Gartner, and Felix Da Housecat. The rave scene here has blown up in the past four years, and almost every V2 event at Saltair in the last two years has been bigger than the last. This year was no exception: the event was oversold by at least a thousand people, making for a frustrating night.

When we arrived (fairly early) at Saltair, it was already at capacity. We managed to get in, but they were letting people in the back so when we tried to go inside, we had to wait another forty-five minutes because they were only letting people out, not in. Although there were bathrooms outside, what they were doing was pretty cruel because people on ecstasy need water. Not tons of it, but at least some, and when the employees deprive them of that they are putting people’s health at risk. Plus, a crowd of one hundred people in front of the exit trying to get in is a major fire hazard.

We finally got inside and made a note to not go outside for the rest of the night. Saltair was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. Wolfgang Gartner played the best set of the night, spinning an eclectic mix of pop remixes (Skream’s “In For the Kill” by La Roux remix), disco-house (David Guetta’s “Flashback” by Calvin Harris remix), electro (“Heartbreaker” by MSTRKRFT) and some of his own songs (“Undertaker,” “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony”) over heavy, progressive basslines which kept the rave mood going strong. Wolfgang started out as a deep house DJ until 2007 when he transitioned over to electro and tech-house. Although his set was in his more recent style, his deep house background shone through in massive breakdowns between electro buildups.

Felix Da Housecat was up next, and although he played some house (“1980” by Robbie Rivera), he mostly spun a bunch of remixes and electro hits from 09/10 including A-Trak’s “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix, Felix Cartal’s “The Grinch,” Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor” and Crookers’ “We Love Animals.” At around 5’4”, he could barely see over the tables. His set, while solid, was slightly disappointing for such a prolific and old-school DJ. Interestingly enough, most of the best DJ sets I’ve heard are from more up-and-comers like Wolfgang than from world-famous DJ’s such as Felix, probably because the newer DJ’s have more to prove.

The night was a chaotic whirlwind of house breakdowns and electro bangers, and although I had fun, because of how the event was put on, it may be the last V2 event I’ll go to. Unless they bring in Dada Life again.