Grieves & Budo @ Kilby 10.15

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Prof & DJ Fundo

Grieves & Budo
Kilby Court
with MC Type, Astronautalis, Prof

I had stood in the long ass line. I had scrupulously chosen a strategic place to stand awkwardly by myself (why do all my friend think they are too cool for Kilby Court?). I was killing time by regretting my choice in shoe and observing my fellow concert go-ers. When MC Type finally hopped on the stage, he asked for the crowd to make a path, danced through it and started off the show on the opposite side of the room.

‘’Who here smoked weed before they came?’’
After a resounding affirmative from the crowd, MC Type appeased the abundance of stoners by shouting, ‘’That’s what I like to hear.’’
I am not much a toker, but the idea of being baked whilst sweating balls and hearing some of the Real Rhymesayers seemed mighty appealing, although I made it by sober easy as pie since MC Type was not one of those all too common sub-par openers. His flow was engaging and easy to move around to. He reigned in the room with ‘’The Shit Song,’’ which was literally about shit. You’d be amazed about how excited a crowd gets when asked to chant about bodily functions.

Next up was Astronautalis, a blonde haired, blue-eyed dude in a nice shirt from Minneapolis. Before I started judging, he started rapping. His voice is gritty, perhaps a bit Tom Wait’s-esque, and there is nothing light about the way he delivers words. I’m sure more than a few audience members got sprinkled with his sweat and/or spit. Astronautalis weaves in a blues feel with his soulful hip hop. ‘’I’m from where the land is flatter than a white girl’s ass,’’ he mentioned, ‘’and my lungs might collapse on this stage. But at least I’d die happy.’’ The altitude did indeed seem to be treating him roughly, but he packed some serious music into a short set. The highlight resoundingly was his ‘’Freestyle,’’ in which he took topics from the audience (including Warren Jeffs, Hello Kitty and Baconators) and re-hashed them into an on the spot flow. ‘Twas wildly entertaining, impressive and fairly mind blowing.

By the time Prof hit the stage, Kilby Court was bumping at full capacity and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation of Grieves. Luckily, Prof served as a tasty appetizer- laying heavy on the charisma and the beats. Prof has a smooth voice and his music is melodic and full of awesome, racy lyrics. Everyone had their hands up and their heads bobbing, especially to ‘’Yeah Buddy.’’ Things got progressively more hot as Prof showed off some dance moves and dumped numerous water bottles on the audience. At one point, he asked if anybody knew what ‘’White Girl Drunk’’ looked like and after several people pointed to one lucky chica, she stopped her attempts at Pop, Lock and Drop It to represent on stage. You’d think she would have been outrageously embarrassed, but alas, she appeared to be proud to be acknowledged for being trashed. Prof finished off by offering every single person a free cd. Talk about brownie points.

Making a casual entrance and wasting no time in starting shit off right, Budo hit his sexy horn and Grieves began his flow- equally as sexy. Due to the insanely stoked crowd, much pushing ensued and I ended up about six inches from Grieves’ face. I definitely did not have a problem with that situation. The duo played a sleek, impassioned set that I can’t imagine any fans had negative feelings towards. Budo rocked out the keyboard, guitar and horn while Grieves worked the crowd- most of which were singing along with every song and had an awe-struck look on their face. I for one felt inclined to make a fool of myself and dance my lil heart out.

Grieves & Budo picked up some worthy fame while touring with Atmosphere and being a part of Warped Tour. With the show they put on here in Salt Lake, it’s no wonder. As they played ‘’Pack It Up’’, I could see hearts in most everyone’s eyes as they sang along- ‘’Ooo, I got a feeling you could be my baby.’’ In our dreams. For being a skinny kid with less than perfect teeth, Grieves has the means to get serious booty. Another hit was ‘’I Ate Your Soul’’ which toned down the mood and had much crowd involvement. About halfway through, Grieves stopped everything and brought attention to two girls getting their bitch-fit on. ‘’Why is there always a cat fight at every single fucking show?,’’ he inquired. Needless to say, that girl beelined outta there as quick as she could.  After playing all the favorites, Grieves & Budo wrapped it up with perhaps the most well-known of their songs, ‘’Lightspeed’’. They brought up a friend Justin, who hails from our very own Salt Lake to help sing. It was nothing short of a bad ass ending to a bad ass evening from the Real Rhymesayers.

A poster signed by Budo has a place of honor on my concert poster wall, and Prof’s complimentary cd is hanging out in my player for a while. I’m honored that these kings of rhyme stopped by our humble all ages venue, and that I got to sweat it out with them.

Prof & DJ Fundo Astronautilus Astronautilus Prof Grieves playing a pretend horn. Grieves The crowd embraces Prof