House of Party Rock Presents: Afrojack 01.19 @ Park City Live

Posted February 3, 2012 in

Afrojack. Photo: Katie Panzer

Park City Live (located in the Main Street space formally known as Harry-O’s) opened their doors during the launch of Sundance Film Festival. The weather in town was perfect enough that I could wear a dress and not regret it once vacating the car. Walking into Park City Live, one would think the President was in the building. Security in all black was at every corner, white flashes from photographers taking pictures and bright lights from the stage all set the mood for a special evening. Top of the line LCD screens, lasers and hot ass go-go dancers completed the mood.

When it comes to electronic events/shows, production is as important as sound. It completes the experience, and the visual attributes that night were more than on point. Their hospitality was also something to be admired. The bartenders were some of the friendliest I’ve ever met, the staff, even though incredibly busy, still took time out to answer my 101 questions that night, even the security guards were awesome. At one point I was sweating like a hoe in church and security not only brought me water, but offered to hold my blazer since it was starting to feel like a sauna inside the venue. With the plethora of hot bodies dancing like it was their last day on earth, it wasn’t a surprise.

Even though it was sold out and packed to the brim, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. There wasn’t any pushing or altercations that night, just good ole drinking and dancing! The night got started off right with San Diego based band Hyena warming up the crowd with their fun stage antics and high energy performance. Hyena sounded like the bastard child of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Avicii. They’re definitely a band I need to become familiar with, their live performance was incredible!

DJ Kyle Fletch took the crowd into a electro frenzy when he got on the stage to open for Afrojack. He was ready to party and so was the crowd. Every track he dropped seemed to hypnotize the massive crowd. The only time he would lose them was when a doppelganger of Afrojack would come on stage to set up Afrojack’s mixer and CDJs.  The crowd would start chanting “AFROJACK!!” sounding similar to a crowd inside a church chanting their savior’s name. Once they realized that it wasn’t Afrojack, they would once again become enthralled in DJ Kyle Fletch’s set, which was absolutely amazing. When he dropped the Benny Benassi remix of “Shake it Off” by Florence and the Machine, the ladies went wild! Hands in the air waving back and forth like they were signaling a plane or just doing the Elephant Man dance, it was a memorable moment for me that night.

After dropping his last song, DJ Kyle Fletch left the crowd satisfied and ready for some Afrojack music. The suspense as they set the stage for the infamous Afrojack was more than intense—it was palpable. Before he came to the stage, his new girlfriend  Paris Hilton graced the stage and waved to the crowd. Shortly after, Afrojack came on stage and started one of the best sets I’ve ever heard him play, beginning with his track “Bangduck.” With an overdub on the drop of the lyric “Let’s go take a ride in your car”  from his popular track “Take Over Control,” Afrojack took the crowd in and never let go.
Dropping hits like the incredible feel-good track of 2011 “Levels” by DJ/Producer Avicii and the dirtiest remix of  “Let’s Make Nasty” by Larry Tee and Roxy Cottontail that my ears have ever heard, Afrojack blew my mind all over the place, till there was nothing left.

Unfortunately the night had come to an end, and the sadness of knowing it would soon be over was felt throughout the crowd. Afrojack ended his set with Skrillex’s “Kyoto” featuring Sirah, which took the crowd into a chaotic head-banging, hip-thrusting craze! Ready to leave the stage after thanking the crowd and saying his goodbyes, the crowd started chanting “One more song!” repeatedly. Being the people pleaser he is, Afrojack appeased the crowd one more time and dropped the notorious Bloody Beetroots’ track “Warped.” It was the perfect end to an amazing night that I believe no one will ever dare to forget.

Afrojack. Photo: Katie Panzer The crowd. Photo: Katie Panzer DJ Kyle. Photo: Katie Panzer