How The Grouch Stole Christmas

Posted December 29, 2009 in

How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour
The Urban Lounge
With Mistah Fab, Fashawn and Exile.

Some of California’s truest and most dialed hip hop OGs came to SLC in early December as part of the “How the Grouch Stole Christmas” tour. Kicking off the tour right here in Salt Lake, The Grouch came with Mistah Fab, Fashawn and Exile to start off the string of B and E’s and the holiday sprit.

For those of you who may not know, Mistah Fab is that Bay area disciple known for ghost riding his whip and going “Stupid Dumb Hyphy” on the “Yellow Bus.” Kicking  off the evening was Fashawn and Exile. Some may remember Fashawn from the Ghostface Killah show at Urban in October. Pairing up with Exile make these two a serious duo. Paying respects to the late king of pop, Exile stole the show with a serious beat session in “Thriller” theme. Getting everyone all hyphy-ed up when Mistah Fab took the stages, true bay area reppers threw up their “Thizz” symbol and things got poppin. Letting everyone know he was down with that real skate talk, Fab spit some lines over the famous “Vans” beat even namedropping Thrasher Magazine. Knowing how much everyone loves Twitter, Mistah Fab graced everyone with his “Hit Me On Twitter” and paid some respect to the latest Internet socializing tool.

The Grouch, member of independent OGs The Living Legends, brought it all home with his performance. Playing a solid mix of his own stuff as well as some Living Legends joints and even some tracks from his collaboration with Zion–I. Really raising the roof with “The Bay to LA,” The Grouch surely knew how to get people moving. Taking a moment to cogitate about the 15 years The Grouch has in the independent hip hop game is down right impressive. 15 years of doing it on your own and making your own lane. Impressive.