Insight with Døne, Cool Your Jets @ The Shred Shed 04.12

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James Holder of Insight. Photo: Gavan Nelson

For those that have never experienced the phenomenon known as “hardcore time,” I envy you. Hardcore time means that whatever the advertised start time of a show is, you add at least an hour, sometimes more, and that’s the actual time the first band will play. I’m well aware of this. I’ve been a victim (and admittedly, the occasional instigator) of hardcore time for many years, but it still gets me every single time. Friday night was no exception, only it wasn’t as bad as it could have been with only three bands on the bill and the mighty Insight set to headline. 

Insight hadn’t played a single show since they broke up in September of 1990, and there were probably only a handful of people in the crowd that ever got the opportunity to see them live. They made sure to show everyone what they’d missed with a tight and incredibly fun set at The Shred Shed. 
Reunion shows can either remind you why you loved a band in the first place (hello, Descendents) or just bum you out, and make you wish your last memory hadn’t become that of the out of shape singer unable to make it through a song without stopping to catch his breath (yeah, I’m looking at you Earth Crisis). Insight was firmly in the former camp and put to rest any doubt that they could still hang with the best local bands in Salt Lake City.
The band powered through a 13-song set of classic early-’90s hardcore that had nearly everyone in the crowd pumped up. There were sing-a-longs, stage dives and more than a few high fives. Not wanting to take part in the madness in front of the stage, I opted for a spot off to the side that quickly filled up with nearly 10 children, the oldest of the bunch no more than eight or nine. For some, this was probably their first, but hopefully not last, foray into Salt Lake’s ever-growing local music scene. 
As the band played through every song on its Standing Strong EP—and then some—I don’t think I saw guitarist Jeremy Chatalain or drummer Chad “Chubba” Smith ever stop smiling. The fun these guys were having was contagious, and as singer Mark Olsen blurred the line between where the stage ended and the crowd began, everyone else became affected as well. Spirits were high all night, and by the time they made it to their last few songs—like my personal favorite “Silent Shore”—no one really wanted the show to end. 
Insight closed with a cover of “Tied Down” by Negative Approach and all but forced me to cancel my Saturday night plans to see them again at the Urban Lounge. Hopefully, it won’t be another 23 years before they do it again.
They weren’t alone that night, though. They had a few helping hands getting people warmed up for their return. Cool Your Jets kicked off the show, and even with the delayed start time, The Shred Shed still only had a handful of people there to see them. They made the most of it though, running through a short and sweet set of fast hardcore. They played through the majority of their Saving Grace EP while adding in a few cover songs that fit the spirit of the evening—Sick of it All’s “Its Clobberin’ Time” and Inside Out’s “Burning Fight.” The latter may have a been a risky move, considering one time Inside Out drummer Andy Patterson was on hand. 
Døne—Patterson’s band with former Iceburn/Rival Schools bassist Cache Tolman—took the stage next and made me glad that I remembered ear plugs. If you ever thought that a bass player was just a nice addition to a band but not quite necessary, then you’ve never watched Tolman play. The sounds he was able to make with just four strings was incredible, and with Patterson’s booming kit behind him, it made for short, sweet and ear-shatteringly great set.
The whole night had a great vibe to it and The Shred Shed has more than earned its place alongside Kilby Court for local all-ages venues. Insight proved that even though it’s been 23 years since they were the kings of Salt Lake City Hardcore, they’re still able to run with the best of them.
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James Holder of Insight. Photo: Gavan Nelson