Juicy J @ Urban Lounge 05.29 with A$AP F3RG, DJ Juggy

Posted June 3, 2013 in

Hold up. Do you remember Three Six Mafia? Juicy J @ The Urban Lounge. Photo: Jake Vivori

It was a special Wednesday night here in Salt Lake City last week—the infamous Juicy J was in fucking town! The moment I got to Urban Lounge, all of my worries about the show not being as “Turnt Up” because it was a weekday were put to rest instantly. There was a line around the corner filled with enough ratchet-ness that led me to believe that I was in for a good time. Walking into the Urban Lounge was like walking into Amsterdam, it stunk of weed everywhere. I’ve never seen Urban Lounge so smoked out in my life; it was impossible not to get a second-hand contact high. The venue was full of potheads.

DJ Juggy was behind the ones and twos, keeping the massive crowd entertained. Urban Lounge was at full capacity and “trippy” as hell! DJ Juggy’s hip hop jams had the dance-floor going crazy while the rest of the audience slowly tried to move around the crowded venue, waiting anxiously for A$AP F3RG to take the stage. He did an amazing job with the music selection, hip hop classics like “Who Shot Ya” by Nas brought the crowd back to the era of hip hop that Juicy J himself emerged from, his scratching seriously flawless.

As soon as DJ Juggy got off the stage, A$AP F3RG’s hype-man took to the stage and took a knee, then the lights went out and then there was A$AP. He started off with his popular track, “I Fucked Your Bitch,” which turned the crowd to eleven. It didn’t hurt that A$AP F3RG’s hype-man was pretty much the energizer bunny with his hair twisted in four doo-doo braids with little bow clips on the end of each one—it was like watching Gangsta Paradise fuck Donnie Darko. It was seriously an amazing performance, I had never seen A$AP F3RG live before, but had heard a lot great things about his SXSW performance, and it was all true. When he performed “Persian Wine,” the audience’s sense of comradery and the positive energy was hard to ignore. A$AP F3RG killed and set the mood perfectly for Juicy J.

The mere sight of Juicy J turned the entire venue into chaos. When Juicy J made his way to the stage you could see the shine of glimmer and thirst in all the ratchets I had seen earlier in line. Juicy started off with his hit “Show Out” and turnt the crowd up to a level where numbers don’t exist anymore, just straight trippy bliss! Juicy was a rapper, a DJ and matchmaker all in one night. At some point, he asked two girls to get on stage and make out, but the first two sucked, so he kicked them off stage and got new ones. It was hilarious, but the kind of hilarious that you keep to yourself because it’s kind of mean. He even had the two girls start dancing on this white boy that he slightly bullied to get on stage, peer pressuring him with the audience.

Once again, the first one sucked, and actually got off stage himself. Another white boy quickly took his spot, as well as another female. This female exemplified the word “ratchet.” Juicy J quickly spotted she was on molly and a second later she was bent over slapping her pussy to the entire audience. It was epic, but the dirtiest kind of epic that I have ever experienced. Juicy performed a couple more of his popular singles before going to a trip back into his Three Six Mafia days. When the beginning of “Stay Fly” started, the whole venue erupted! It was an amazing show. At one point, Juicy invited local rapper Hessian on stage to free-style—it was beyond awesome to see local talent up there with Juicy J! When he made the house turn the lights off and the audience turn on their lighters, Urban Lounge was transformed into something seriously magical for three minutes.

My favorite part was when he performed “Bandz a make her Dance.” I had no idea how hard Salt Lake City could get till that song came on. I haven’t had that much fun at a show in a long time and can’t wait to experience the trippy man live again next time he’s in town. Check out more photos from the show by Jake Vivori here.

Hold up. Do you remember Three Six Mafia? Juicy J @ The Urban Lounge. Photo: Jake Vivori Light it up. A$AP Ferg @ The Urban Lounge. Photo: Jake Vivori All these chicks poppin' pussy I'm just poppin' bands. Juicy J @ The Urban Lounge. Photo: Jake Vivori