Kid Cudi @ Saltair 06.27

Posted June 29, 2011 in

Kid Cudi
After a rough night of drinking, as is customary on Sundays, Monday passed by in intervals of sleep and large doses of water and Advil. At around 7 p.m. I received a text from my buddy telling me to get my drunk ass up and ready for the show. Confused, I rifled through my convoluted brain matter trying to recall what the hell he was talking about ..."oh shit the Cudi show!" In a flash we were back in yesterday's clothes and on the road. I have seen Cudi before in Park City and his show was awesome. A little bit indie, a little bit hippy hoppy and one hell of a party (which my girlfriend sported evidence of for a good week thanks to the direct hit from a beer bottle ... uh hmm ... douchebag!).

Speaking of douchebags, I'm not sure who the hell promoted this show, but I can tell you straight up they should be fired. First off, traffic was backed up on I-15 for a good two miles. As we sat in inching traffic for two hours we decide to bypass the traffic (I guess there were only a handleful of geniuses that drove past the venue and came in westbound. No traffic at all ... suckers!) Another problem arose when it came to parking. Fifteen bucks, really? Tickets were already 40 bucks, talk about pocket plundering! Despite warnings that we'd be towed for parking on the side of the road, we said fuck it and headed into the venue. We were already late and had to have at least a beer in us before Cudi hit the stage.

As we expected, Cudi killed it. Touring with a live band, this time around the music was more personal. Instruments bring a whole new feel to some of his classic tunes, as well as his new shit that is more evolved. Things seemed to get too personal, though, as Cudi had to cut out mid song several times. First because of the bug infestation swarming the stage lights, and second for the crowd going apeshit! One would've thought you were at a Limp Biscuit concert the way kids were smashing each other around and throwing shit (chill out guys, it's a hip hop show, not ICP!) After seeing a girl nearly trampled, Cudi took it upon himself to relax the crowd. Although newly sober, he encouraged the crowd to light 'em up!

With the "sticky green bud all in my blood," the crowd simmered just in time for the show to turn into a complete party scene. After playing "All Talk" with Chip the Ripper (opening act) which is a sample of LCD Soundsystem's "Dance yourself Clean," beers, blunts and good vibes seemed to return. After a non-stop dance set, including a few covers, Cudi wound it down and said goodbye. Despite the shit show that occurred within and outside the venue, the show was amazing. I just hope that after all the mess, Cudi will return again, next time at Usana, please.
Kid Cudi Show at Saltair.