Kid Sister @ W Lounge

Posted November 12, 2009 in

Kid Sister
W Lounge

I have been waiting a long time for Kid Sister to come to our city. She is one of my favorite female artists. She comes across in her music as sassy as Lil’ Kim, but without the whore feel. I dusted off my dancing shoes and rolled out around 10:30 to the W lounge. I've only been to this venue a minimal amount of times, but always had a good time there. As I walked inside I noticed there was all of maybe eight people besides me. The bouncer at the door announced to me that Kid Sister wouldn't be going on until midnight and that  the DJ's would just be playing music until then. I wondered why on earth there were no opening groups? I can think of many different groups that would have been perfect to get the show rocking ahead of time and keep the crowd happy. I guess without a crowd it doesn't matter.  After about ten minutes of standing there awkwardly in the middle of an empty bar, I left. I decided to come back later, and hoped that more people showed up. 

I came back around 11:45 and the room was chock full of scenesters all looking as wanna-be New York hipster as their Urban Outfitters clothing allowed them to look. The crowd was bobbling around, sucking down drinks and using their alcohol consumption as a excuse for their horrible dance moves and pushy shovey attitudes. Finally a little after midnight Kid Sister’s DJ grabbed ahold of the turntables and stopped the dreadful attempts at electronic dance music. Two ladies in black leotards and half face silver masks that were reminiscent of the phantom of the opera masks came on stage. The DJ introduced the lovely lady and she popped up onto the stage.

Her low key outfit was fresh. She made a cute tank top and tie dyed leggings look as glamorous as a  cocktail dress and pumps. At one point she even laughed and said, “how you like my leggings, they’re from Target.” Her nails, which she takes great care to keep glamorous, glittered and gleamed with rhinestones and perfectly designed paint and polish. They were amazing. She instantly worked the crowd and charmed everyone in the room with her adorable smile. Guys and ladies alike instantly fell in love with her. She mentioned that she had been extremely sick recently while on this tour and had lost her voice, her energy and ability to get the crowd worked up suggested otherwise. There was a few moments in which I noticed her voice started to fade out but her energy did not let up, not once!  Starting early with the goods, she busted out “Right Hand High” the whole room from the beginning was going nuts! She pumped her energetic music into the waves of fans crashing at the stage. She proclaimed that she is from Chicago (Chi Town) and that she is happy to be in town since she has family here. I found out a while back that she has an aunt that lives in Utah and she told me, “You know erybody gots one rich auntie somewhere.”

She really got going when she performed “Get Fresh” which is personally one of my favorite singles. She has this amazing vocal quality that's sweet and girlie, but also in your face and nasty. When she performed “Control” she had all the ladies in the room shaking their butts like they were in a Ying Yang Twins video. She promoted her new CD release Ultra Violet by throwing purple glow sticks out into the crowd. She was stoked on the amount of ladies in the house. Near the end of her set she started grabbing ladies and pulling them on stage with her until it was packed. The whole stage was jumping with ladies all getting down with their bad selves. By the end of the show she still hadn't let up or  slowed down. The last song was “Switchboard” the whole room including myself was dancing and jumping and having a complete blast. For being ill she sure put on one hell of a live show.  From beginning to end she completely dominated in every aspect. Anyone there who was checking her out for the first time was definitely a forever fan afterwards. Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun!