Legendary Shack Shakers Show Review

Posted March 3, 2005 in

The Legendary Shack Shakers 
2/15/2005 @ Urban Lounge

Lucky for me, I stumbled into a bowl of pure organic octane. As fate should have it, my reason for being at the lounge was unable to perform that evening due to an illness. Allured by the mere mention of "Shack" and "Shaker," I was curious about the roots of the headliner that evening. I tried to exit the premises, but the gentleman at the door hastily warned me that "I would regret it tomorrow," so I went with my intuition and later found my spiritual and physical shape filled with the sounds of genuine, bare-bones rock n’ roll entwined with God’s gospel, rhythm and blues. The punk essence was hinted within the backbone of the sound and lead singer JD graced us with antics from the netherworld and every Warner Brothers cartoon. His awesome performance alone rolled me up in stitches and kicked me out with a broken gut. The rhythm section, slap-master Mark on upright bass and double-kick speed-king drummer Pauli had the glue it takes to form any reputable band of banshees. They tore up the night with driving timing unmatched by any great storm. Pauli’s parents were even at the show—-apparently they, too, were in awe. David, the guitar Lord, blessed with the lithe fingers of all of Satan’s children, wooed the ladies and frightened the gents through his violent and staggering rockabilly melodies. The country allure made for the perfect mix. Between the rafter-climbing, spitting and beer-spraying, I was fulfilled with benign debauchery and a delight of childlike humor. The sounds produced by LSS will stay within my heart for weeks to come. If the soul can be fueled by forces such as these in the future, then I guess life will be worth living. Thank you, boys, for generating that hard-driven shakedown that Salt Lake City so desperately needs. Much inspired by the fire.