Living Legends with Luckyiam PSC

Posted April 15, 2008 in

Kilby Court

I could not pass up the opportunity to see the whole Living Legends crew in such intimate environs as Kilby Court. After getting lost finding Kilby (happens every time) I finally found it and parked my truck in front of a sign that said “no truck parking.”

The crowd inside Kilby was the expected mix of snowbros/hos and the occasional hipster (still relatively rare this far away from the urban boutiques of L.A.). Luckyiam PSC was in the middle of his set which was enjoyable. He managed to get the crowd to sing the ABC Song for his daughter, whose birthday he told us all he had missed while on tour.

After Lucky’s set but before the Legends came out, a scuffle broke out between a hipster somehow loosely affiliated with Blue Collar Theory and some unknown person. This reminded me how much I love to watch a good round of fisticuffs (who doesn’t?). Unless of course someone gets murdered: that’s a real buzz kill. To all you fight-breaker-uppers, please do me a favor: if you and I are at a show together and a row breaks out, please do not attempt to stop it. I hate it when people do that. It always happens, and it’s unnecessary. Most fights are harmless; the two participants will usually walk away with just a few scrapes and scratches (and at least one bruised ego). Just one time I’d like to see a crowd who, when a hormone battle breaks out, instead of breaking it up, they circle around the combatants in a circle of death (like that Van Damm movie where they park all their cars in a circle and there’s a bunch of raging trash-barrel fires).

Shortly after one of the offenders was thrown out, the Legends came on stage. First impressions: Murs has the best smile in hip hop (no homo), and Grouch looks an awful lot like a white Dave Chappelle (I don’t see color).

is the best rapper of the group; he did a solo song which was very fast and impressive. They all put on a great show to a very excited, sold-out crowd. Like I said in The Gathering review: Living Legends = new, west-coast Wu-Tang Clan.