Mastodon Show Review

Posted October 8, 2007 in

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For the many times I have seen Mastodon play, this was the first time I was completely sober. Listening to them through this clearer mindset just reaffirmed why I like them so. However, with this new album and new set of songs they seem to be reaching for a different sound than their earlier recordings.. All the regular dramatics are still present. Such as Troy's over the top spooky possessed by the audience looks. Bill always seems bored as hell and so unimpressed by Salt Lake City's beer soaked crowd. Then there is the most insane of the crew, Brent, who as to take on a different life form when he plays. His facial expressions alone make you think he is passing a long over due kidney stone.

These guys have toured all over the world, been to Salt Lake quite a few times recently. Each time with a new notch of fame on their belt. However with all the unfamiliar experimental aspects that they attempt to incorporate into the brand new songs, seem to stray from the original hard metal sounds that made us all Mastodon fans to begin with. Now present are the overbearing introduction of mixed in computer generated sounds. Troy's vocals are doomful enough on their own that he didn't need to add the predictable distortion mic to make them any more convincing. Brent's contribution of eerie vocals make it seem like they are reaching too far for a new sound. A new sound that doesn't capture the rough raw metal edge that they have made a name for themselves with. They did play all the great older songs that I loved especially “March of the Fire Ants” and “Blood and Thunder” which made the dance floor erupt with such exposed emotion. My only other real complaint was how long the set went on. . It was definately worth the ticket price and all in all was an amazing show....followed up by yet again joining the boys on the tour bus for my fair share of beer and Jager. –Meghann Griggs

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