Mike Doughty: Book of Drugs Tour @ State Room 04.02

Posted April 4, 2012 in

Mike Doughty. Photo: Deborah Lopez

Mike Doughty was a mainstay of the pop rock scene in the ‘90s through his band Soul Coughing, but he doesn’t want to talk about that … but he kind of will on his latest tour as he plays his music and reads from his new book.

His new memoir, The Book of Drugs, is all about distancing himself from his previous band. It seems like a bit of a bone to pick and harbor after all these years, but Doughty is adamant about not playing Soul Coughing tunes.

It’s a bit of a bitter pill for us fans of his former band’s “hit” singles, songs he decries as mostly corporate swill (as Rio mentioned in his review of Doughty’s book). Fortunately, I’m more familiar with Doughty’s new, solo acoustic stuff, so I really dug his concert/reading.

It struck me that Doughty was able to kick heroin, and he writes in an inspiring fashion about surviving darker days and going on to function as a decent human. His encore was “Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well,” one of his better-known singles, and it whipped the already excitable and intoxicated crowd into an acoustically driven frenzy (as odd as that sounds outside of an Ani DiFranco show).

If Doughty comes to your city and you’re interested in seeing a great lyricist and acoustic performer, don’t miss out on this man.

Mike Doughty. Photo: Deborah Lopez