Minus the Bear at In the Venue

Posted July 26, 2010 in

On July 15 Minus the Bear came to town and rocked the hell out of In the Venue, but that is a statement that could be assumed if you knew the music of the band.

Opening band, Mini Mansions came out with an excited crowd ready for them. This three piece just walked on and started jamming. These guys have some really groovy tracks that I caught myself bobbin my head to and shufflin' my feet, kinda indy-pop type of a feel. I had never heard them until that moment so after the show I went online to check them out and get acquainted. This group from L.A. Recently put out an ep that you can purchase through their myspace called “Monk b/w Heart of Glass.”

Next up was Everest (also formed in L.A.) played a set that could have been the closing act. These guys gotta great sound and only enhanced the energy of the venue, and by this time the crowd was a bit more loosened up and joyous throughout. This is another band that I had not heard until that evening and the band has only been together for three years now but they sounded great to my ears. If you are a sap for tender tracks, steady beats, and catchy hooks then you'll like “On Approach” their new album.

Minus the Bear is currently on tour promoting their new album Omni. I hadn't heard the album but have been a Minus fan for a couple years now. They played a few tracks from the album and the new tracks that they played were awesome “Dayglow” being my favorite.  A couple of fans of the band that I ran into said that they don't like the new album. I'm just gonna chalk their opinion to the board of people that don't know what their listening too. The band sounded great and the crowd loved every minute of it. Near the end of Minus's set a lil' indie mosh pit formed, which was pretty funny. The “mosh pit” consisted of sweaty guys in medium t-shirts, or no shirts at all bumping into each other rhythmically. The funniest part about their set was this guy that was motivating the gentle mosh pit. Close to six and a half feet tall, big curly hair, shirtless and trying to put, whoever wasn't afraid to,  on his shoulders. Three or four people did it and he'd just have them up above him all getting wild as well and somehow maintaining his balance amongst the swaying of the crowd. The band even loved it, saying that “You guys are fucking awesome.” over the mic. I even managed to score a pair of drumsticks from them and a set list. Thanks guys and don't be strangers to Salt Lake.

Overall the show was just full of a good vibes and harmonies. It seemed like the crowd wasn't the only ones having fun either. Smiles on the faces of the band members definitely increased the smiles in the crowd. Cheerio!