Nitro/Noise, Kontrolled Demolition, DJ Dave Vendetta @ Area 51 08.17

Posted August 26, 2013 in

Nitro/Noise's set was thundering and deep.

Saturday nights at Area 51 have become my favorite play time, and on Aug. 17 I was able to have my cake and eat it too. The Synchronized Beat Tour had made a tour stop with special guest DJ Dave Vendetta. I knew that I was in for an evening of fresh tracks, dancing until my body ached, and looking at aesthetically pleasing men.

Glancing at the stage, I noticed the familiar “Old Glory” flag that had corporate logos replacing the stars, reminding me that most industrial musicians usually harbor some very strong political feelings. As the headlining act this evening was from Canada, this symbolism on our flag made me think about how news about our country is broadcast as fact in other countries, while news in our country has left and right political spins often lending to benefit corporations somehow. I find it interesting to see how people outside of our nation view us, and also interesting to see how those in our nation who have never left our homeland view the rest of the world.
DJ Dave Vendetta, owner of the infamous Vendetta Music label, was spinning tracks before, in between and after the bands. I pulled up my hair, began to move, and was soon delighted as my body had begun to glisten, my temperature rose, and my heartbeat elevated from the continuous, intense, pounding beats from some of my favorites like Shiv-R, Aesthetic Perfection and other artists that I had not heard before. I was amazed at the sounds I was hearing and loved that I could dance to music so fresh to my ears.
The first act to hit the stage was Denver-based Kontrolled Demolition. Due to his hair style and sunglasses, I wondered if his face had been eaten off by bath salt zombies. (In later conversation with him I was relieved to see that he was all in one piece.) A performer’s face, especially the eyes, show emotion and passion—when it is covered, you may lose touch with your audience. People go to shows because they want to see the performer in person. I feel that if a face is going to be covered it should be done with a creative mask or makeup. Sound and stage performance are also very important in this equation and, luckily, this ticking time bomb had it down. He had a sound that was reminiscent of the band Fluke, although his tracks were much harsher. His songs were dancer friendly and he was entertaining to watch. The aggressive beating on the snare drum on the fourth count of the four-on-the-floor beat had me in fear for the equipment on stage, and at times he would appear to take swings at the other equipment—I thought he may just start destroying it.
The main act for the evening, Nitro/Noise invaded Area 51 from Montreal, Canada. They took their place onstage with a look that enticed me—there is something stimulating about blonde men in post-apocalyptic military-type wear and those piercing white-blue eyes. The vocals were heavy, harsh, deep and commanding. I do believe that there are some heavy metal listeners out there that would enjoy this group. I imagined a circle forming and prepared to raise elbows if it the need arose. They have a hardcore sound that is a mix of death metal–type vocals, punchy, thunderous beats and strident synth tracks. Clutch produces an amazing array of sounds on the synth, tweaking each beat at the precise moment to build each track to its climax, and leaves you yearning for more. I expect their explicitly titled track, “Synchronized Beat Fuck,” to become one of the next club hits in the industrial music scene. It is filled with hard bass lines and seductive, repetitive lyrics about how their front man Kold will take what he wants regardless if it hurts or not. This track will entice just about anyone who hears it to either get on that dance floor and get their juices flowing that way, or go out and get dirty in another manner.
Once again, I am displeased at turnout for these great shows. Black Lodge Productions has been working diligently to bring us amazing entertainment. These are some of the top industrial acts performing at Area 51 and I am completely dumbfounded as to why there are so few people showing up to see them. Salt Lake City has had a thriving Industrial and goth scene for years, and this sort of lifestyle just does not fade away. It seems that once you fall in love with these dark sounds, political statements and electronic beats, they capture you and you are addicted for life. I know you are out there, I know you will love these sounds—all you need to do is open your mind and show up.
Nitro/Noise's set was thundering and deep.