Of Montreal Show Review

Posted April 17, 2007 in

Of Montreal (courtesy of myspace.com/ofmontreal)

A faint low rumble starts to ensue, and the crowd isn’t sure if it’s still the irritating sound crew, or if it’s Of Montreal’s set about to begin. Much to the crowds pleasure, Kevin Barnes, a familiar face, jumps onstage flamboyantly dressed in tight red jeans (which would later be removed) and a tight white shirt emblazed with a pink tiger on the front.

Barnes and the rest of the band started the show with their first single of their new album Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer? “Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse.” As Barnes uttered the first words in his ever-recognizable voice, “I’m in a crisis,” the crowd began to dance around in an excited manner, knowing full well Of Montreal was going to put on a good show with plenty of awesome songs.

Without saying another word for almost a half-hour, Kevin Barnes and the crew plowed through more Fauna favorites like “Suffer For Fashion,” and an incredible performance of “So Begins Our Alabee,” off The Sunlandic Twins that had the crowd singing along and dancing crazily.

After the first batch of songs, Barnes thanked the crowd in typical fashion, “Thanks for being so nice, guys.” He then quickly rushed off stage while the rest of the band continued the show with an instrumental song “October Is Eternal,” while strange animations were played on a screen over the stage, and a dancer dressed in a uni-tard danced around on stage.

About five minutes later, Barnes reappeared dressed in a slinky blouse, short, cut-off jeans and fishnet stockings. With this new wardrobe change, Barnes continued where he left off with an energizing performance of “Disconnect the Dots,” another crowd favorite, and danced his way all over stage with flashing animations, again, illuminating over his head. As the band tore through their heavily danceable set with continued theatrics on stage, Barnes dashed off stage one more time, and a ladder was brought on stage while the band continued to play.

As the band wrapped up the song, Barnes, with the assistance of a stage crew member, climbed up the 12-foot ladder adorned in a lavishly decorated floorlength costume. He ended the show up on the ladder, singing Fauna’s catchiest song, “Gronlandic Edit” and finally ended the show with an epic performance of “Rapture Rapes the Muses.”

He thanked the crowd for a final time, and the band walked off stage. The crowd just kept cheering, knowing that they weren’t going to end on a note like that – they were bound to come back for more!

Sure enough, about five minutes of chanting led to the most amazing encore I’ve ever seen. Dressed similarly to what he was in the rest of the night, Barnes came back out and without any words to the audience, he started playing Of Montreal’s most well-known tune, “Reqiuem For O.M.M. ” After this song, a very enthusiastic crowd witnessed Barnes and the band perform an epic rendition of David Bowie’s “Starman.” The cover was incredibly well done, and many in the crowd were totally shocked. As Barnes finished the set for good this time, they played “The Party’s Crashing Us,” and with that, they rushed off stage in glee.

Of Montreal (courtesy of myspace.com/ofmontreal)