Skrillex’s Mothership Tour 09.24 @ Saltair

Posted September 27, 2011 in




The Mothership Tour was something I had been looking forward to for months—with its amazing line up how could I not—Skrillex, 12th Planet, Nadastrom and Foreign Beggars. Unfortunately due to complications with their visas, Foreign Beggars were unable to grace Salt Lake City with their presence on Sat. Sept. 24, but even without them the show was astounding.


Entering Saltair I was confused at first—the stage was bare and the house lights were still on, but all of sudden I felt a rumbling that came from the floor and surged through my whole body like a bolt of lightning. Then I noticed some girls in bikinis and furry boots walking towards the exit and decided they knew where to go. I followed them to what my eyes are still trying to completely make sense of. It was like a painting in slow motion, the audience in their bright neon clothes, being rained over with the lights from the stage, it looked like a Picasso painting. It was beautiful. The guys of V2, Brandon Fullmer and Jeremy Moreland, had taken the event outside, because that was the only way to fit the crowd of 6,000 who had sold out the show.


First up to bat was Nadastrom. The producer/DJ duo consist of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, who have been in the scene since 2007, and with buzz still coming off their debut EP Pussy on producer/DJ Switch’s label Dubsided they’re hard to miss. When they took the stage I knew I was in for more than a treat, I was in for a giant cake of bass.


Their set was beyond amazing—it was perplexing. Dropping edits of hits like their infamous track “Pussy” had the crowd going wild! They were there to party and then some. They took the crowd into another world, with their seamless and engaging transitions. They definitely got the crowd warmed up proper for the king of dubstep, 12th Planet.


12th Planet is an LA producer/DJ who has been credited with bringing dubstep to America. Since 2006, 12th Planet has been on a roll, playing events like the ever popular Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and Electric Zoo in NY to name a couple. His style is infallible and his sets have no comparison. I’ve seen him four times now and the fifth felt as fresh as the first. The bass!! The bass!!!  12th Planet made the audience his bitch, willingly at that. When he dropped the dubstep classic “Hold On” remix by Sub Focus that is mixed in with DJ Khalid’s “All I Do is Win” the crowd went absolutely insane, it was glorious. With the addition of tracks like his remix of Skrillex’s “All I Ask of You” and Flux Pavillion’s “Bass Cannon” coupled with his bottomless energy on stage there was nothing that could stop him from ripping us apart from the inside. As 12th Planet had exclaimed the Mothership had landed, and next up was Skrillex.


Skrillex has taken over the scene within a year and has not stopped since. The last time he was in Salt Lake City, he played to a sold out crowd of 5,000. I wasn’t ready for his jelly. The visuals were beyond spellbinding. A new alternative to the normal LED lights, his production team had set up a 3-D white back drop on stage that had stunning visuals projected on them during his whole performance, and with the addition of his motion capture suit which was connected to a graphic generated robot which graced the stage at the end of his set, minds were officially blown. I had to agree with Skrillex when he said it was magical. When he dropped an edit to his remix of Benny Bennasi’s “Cinema” mixed in with his new track “Voltage,” the audience including myself was left holding each other in pure awe—it was definitely a moment. Don’t even get me started on what he did to me when he dropped Biggie and a remix to the infamous Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”


The Mothership abducted us all that night at Saltair, abducted us and took us to a planet where only bass was spoken. From V2’s addition of the ever wonderful pyro technics that made a drop feel like an earthquake to the incredibly stunning visuals on stage that made the night feel like a movie, it was something to behold. I can only smile when thinking of how incredibly seducing it all was. The next 50 tour stops are in for a wonderful surprise, for the Mothership is definitely nothing to fuck with. I’ll never forget how hard Nadastrom, 12th Planet and Skrillex probed me and how good it felt.