The Aggrolites w/ Fews & Two and The Upstarts

Posted April 10, 2008 in

Ska shows will never cease to be incredibly amusing. No matter what bands are playing, ska kids are quite possibly the most enthusiastic crowds to exist. They might also be the most positive. When I arrived, The Upstarts were on stage, and a lively group of high-school-aged kids were assembled in front of the stage dancing their goofy little hearts out. The band didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic about their performance as the fans though, they mentioned numerous times throughout their set that they would only be playing a few more songs because they knew that everyone was there to see the Aggrolites.

Fews & Two were up next and their performance was truly amazing. Saxophone player Erik LeCroix quickly became the main spectacle of their show with his over the top facial expressions old-school-ska dub effects. The seven-piece played a tight set that got the less enthusiastic members of the crowd swaying and the already exuberant members exploding with energy. One of my favorite songs from their set was “10 Man Raft.” I only wish that their female lead-singer’s vocals had been a bit more distinguishable from the rest of the music.

And then, after a short set up time, the audience increasing by 50+ people as everyone filtered out of the bar, The Aggrolites took the stage. In all honesty, I don’t remember how long they played or what song they opened with, as I was too busy dancing and losing myself in the amazing musical moment that I was experiencing. Their set did include some of my favorite tracks from both of their full-length albums. Highlights included “Work It,” “Lets Pack Our Bags,” “Funky Fire” and “Mr. Misery”….oh who am I kidding, their entire performance was entirely earth shattering. There wasn’t a soul in the crowd who wasn’t entirely mesmerized by their brand of dirty reggae. I was especially excited when they played “Work to Do” and “Country Man Fiddle”––two songs that I didn’t hear when I saw them last May. Sometime during the tail end of their set a fight broke out in the crowd and the band stopped playing to calm things down. The participants were hauled outside and the band played a few more songs before finishing their set. By about 10 p.m. the show had ended and the crowd was quickly herded outside by security. All in all the night was exceptional, if only it could have gone on for a few more hours…