The Deathwish Video Premiere @ The Post Theater 04.21

Posted April 22, 2013 in
What does a room filled with scents of recently burned spliffs and echoes of freshly cracked PBR cans mean? A Deathwish premiere, of course. After five years in the making, The Deathwish Video is here. The video recently premiered at the Post Theater at the University of Utah. The turnout was great and the crowd was super hyped. An opening part from Salt Lake native Lizard King, who was in attendance, set the bar high, and it was on from there.

The video had everything you would expect from the Deathwish guys; hill bombs, huge handrails, and overall reckless abandon. From Lizard destroying everything in his path, including a couple spots at our own University of Utah, to Jon Dickson earning his new pro spot with an insane ender part. The Deathwish video is a trip from start to finish. It was great to see parts from Deathwish masterminds Erik Ellington and Jim Greco. Ellington reminded us all how much of a bad ass he is while Greco took some pages out of Rodney Mullen’s book and threw a plethora of dark-slides into his part. I also found myself saying, “Who does that” throughout the whole movie. Whether it was Neen Williams doing heel-flip back-lips or Brian “Slash” Hansen with his Cab 270 front nose slide, my shit-eating grin only grew bigger as the video played out. I was also amazed at how big and technical these dudes were getting. Guys like Furby and Moose threw pretty much every flip trick you can imagine down stair sets that hurt my knees to look at. The shit these guys pull off is unbelievable and definitely worth the wait.

The video was nuts and the crowd loved it. The premiere closed out with a good old-fashioned product toss and, unfortunately, a board to the nog for one of the premiere’s patrons. Accidents happen. Besides that, the night was a complete success. Big thanks to BC Surf and Sport for putting on the event as well as everyone who came out. The Deathwish video is another step forward for skateboarding progression. As for the future of skateboarding, “Chicken bone Nowison”!