The Hood Internet @ Urban Lounge 10.11 with Body Language, Kid Static, Nasty Nasty

Posted October 15, 2012 in

The Hood Internet. Photo: Ebru Yildiz
Walking into the Urban Lounge I was immediately underwhelmed: the bright lighting and the fact there weren’t many people there made the vibe off, but it was still early, so I decided to practice patience for once in my life. The opener that I walked in on mid-performance was a rapper from Chicago called Kid Static who I’ve never really heard of and had a hard time finding information on, which makes me assume he’s a newcomer. Kid Static was actually pretty impressive energy-wise jumping all over the stage and hyping the crowd. It’s especially impressive considering the fact he performed in front of a crowd of maybe 10-15 people at most. His style reminded me of a mixture between Wiz Khalifa and Theophilus London, he was really good.

After a quick intermission, dimmer lighting and a fuller crowd, Body Language took the stage. Body Language is a four-member band from Brooklyn, most known for their popular electronic jazz sound. Still earning praise for their original track “Social Studies,” the band has been touring all over the U.S., sharing their cool sounds and exciting fans for the release of their upcoming EP, Grammar. When Body Language got on stage, they brought the crowd to life and kept them on their feet for the whole set. They were so into what they were doing, it was obvious from the way they danced on stage. When they played my favorite song of theirs, “Fallng Out,” it made me so happy! “Falling Out” with the accompaniment of the romantic blue lighting turned the Urban Lounge into a jazz, disco-like dream.

My main reason for attending the show, Hood Internet took the stage minus member Steve Reidell and reminded me why I love them. They revealed a sick light set up behind the DJ table that reminded me of the child’s game Star Brite, especially with Urban Lounge completely blacked out. Doing what Hood Internet’s best known for, member Aaron Brink began his set with an original of theirs “Tambourine Reckoning” a fun mash up of Eve’s “Tambourine” and Radiohead’s “Reckoner” that set the tone for the rest of his set perfectly. My favorite part of his set was when he transitioned from their original track, “Fuck with Mo’ Money,” another fun mash up, this time made up of the infamous “Mo Money Mo Problems” track by the Notorious B.I.G. and Penguin Prison’s “Don’t fuck with my Money” track into “NIghtcall” by Kavinsky, the popular track made famous by the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling"it was flawless!

Last and slightly least for me was Nasty Nasty, only because I’ve been beginning to enjoy dub-step less and less as of late so I wasn’t very keen to his set. Although, if I were a fan of drum and bass or dub-step still, I would have definitely enjoyed his performance, his mixing was fluid and clean. The show itself had a slow start, but with the help of Body Language and Hood Internet turned into an awesome Thursday night.
The Hood Internet. Photo: Ebru Yildiz Body Language