The Phantom’s Revenge @ Park City Live 11.23 with GOGO BIZKITT

Posted November 28, 2012 in
It was Black Friday and there was a lot going on, but what I was most excited for was my chance to see The Phantom’s Revenge again. It had been a while since he graced Salt Lake City, but I still remembered his last performance well, probably because it was amazing. This time, he was joined by a talented ensemble of DJs put together by DAMN SON!, a new record label on the EDM scene. This was their first show. I was excited to see what DAMN SON and Park City Live had put together.

It took a lot longer than expected to get up to Park City Live. By the time I got there, GO GO BIZKITT was already in the middle of his set. I was pretty bummed out about this, since I had never seen him live and was hoping to change that. Even though I only got to watch him for 20 minutes or so, I was incredibly impressed with how flawless his transitions were and how much energy he had while he played, especially since the crowd was pretty small at the time. The atmosphere in Park City Live was intimate and exuberant, the holiday spirit was in full swing and everyone was drinking, a sign that pointed to good times ahead.

When The Phantom’s Revenge went onstage, it was obvious: Everyone left the bars and headed to dance floor. The Phantom’s Revenge is orginally from Niles, France, which makes sense, considering how heavily influenced by house he is, but that’s not really a bad thing since French house is the shit. He started off his set with some cool, poppy disco tracks I’ve never heard before, and blew my mind. His set mostly consisted of lots of disco and R&B mash-ups that I haven’t been able to find, so I’m assuming they’re originals. There was one Next mash-up of their hit “Too Close,” which brought me back to junior high school. His transitions were bumpy, but in a good way"the audience couldn’t help but move!

It was a good Friday night in Park City. The production could have been bigger, maybe some more lights or lasers to brighten the room, but the music was quality, and that’s most important. For beginners, DAMN SON put on a great show, but that was a given with talent like THE PHANTOM’S REVENGE and GO GO BIZKITT in the lineup. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next"hopefully something with GO GO BIZKITT. As for The Phantom’s Revenge, I will continue to follow him, and I think everyone else should, too.