Time Again with Never Say Never

Posted May 21, 2007 in

Time Again with Never Say Never
New Vortex

There is something to be said about a band whose performance is timed perfectly. Some bands play for far to long while others leave you wanting more. I was a little surprised by how short Time Again’s set was at this show (only about a half hour) after all they were the headliners and there was only one local opener. Although their set seemed a little short, it was packed full of many of the songs off of The Stories Are True. The band also played a few songs that will be on their next album.

The circle pit only stopped briefly between songs and the small crowd knew every word. During “The Stories Are True,” a kid from the audience took the stage to sing the parts usually sung by Tim Armstrong. Thankfully (for the band, the crowd and his own ego) he didn’t fuck the words up. Throughout the set, lead singer Daniel Dart joked with the crowd. The small venue and friendly disposition of the band made it seem a little more like a house party then a show.

As the band wrapped up their set, the crowd screamed for one more song. Time Again played a cover of Rancid’s “Tattoo.” After their set had ended, Dart spent about a half hour bullshitting with kids and signing merchandise. By the time that I left, he was standing outside by their van still surrounded by a large group of young punk rockers. I don’t think it will be long before every kid on the block is rocking a Time Again patch on their jacket and Dart’s face becomes synonymous with the punk rock genre.